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Top Secrets of Magic 3
by J. G. Thompson Jr.


(1 customer rating) ★★★★

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Top Secrets of Magic 3 by J. G. Thompson Jr.

From the introduction by Martin Gardner:

With this distinguished background it is little wonder that his latest series of books, Top Secrets of Magic, of which this is the third, is a veritable treasure trove of material, clearly and simply explained, and displaying a remarkable knowledge of what has been done and is being done today in every branch of conjuring. The large clear photographs make the text delightfully easy to follow. Magicians throughout the world will look forward now to volume 4, then 5, and as many more as Jim will find time to write, for he is putting together a series of such scope that its volumes will surely find their places among the outstanding books of the century in the literature of the art.

  • Introduction
  • Preface
  • 25. Aces on Parade
    • Gold Medal Aces
    • Alternate Procedures For Routine Architects
    • Final Ace Routine
    • Two Faced
  • 26. A Couple of Rolling Bones
  • 27. Meet Mr. Silkworm
  • 28. The Word – First and Last
  • 29. I Only Cheat A Little
    • Jack Of All Squirts
    • Possible Late Starters
    • Kicker In The End
  • 30. The Alger Boys
    • Upsadaisy
    • Thompson’s Discontented Card
  • 31. The Right Spirit
    • Gabbatha
    • Pocket Seance
  • 32. False Faces
    • Oh, Well
    • Specious Specie
    • Silver Grass-Coppers
    • Soft Wood Under Glass
  • 33. Colorfusing Knife
  • 34. Mr. Silkworm & Company
  • 35. Entre Nous and You
  • 36. Popo Ree
    • T. T. T.
    • Financial Nightmare
    • Grains Of Mystery
    • All-Star Backfield
    • Tramp, Tramp, Tramp
    • Look, Ma, No Wings!

1st edition 1968, 124 pages; PDF 149 pages.
word count: 61362 which is equivalent to 245 standard pages of text