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Top Secrets of Magic 1
by J. G. Thompson Jr.

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Top Secrets of Magic 1 by J. G. Thompson Jr.

What a wonderful book on sleight of hand magic with small objects this is - profusely illustrated with more than 200 photos, by a recognized inventor, author, and reviewer of magic.

From the introduction by Blackstone:

But, there has always been a dearth of practical routines, probably due to the difficulty encountered by most magicians in linking tricks into a smoothly flowing series of mysteries and, perhaps, because of some innate trait of laziness found in most of us. That is why I am so impressed and pleased with the text of Jim’s book. It truly helps to fill an unfortunate gap in magical literature.

From the Preface:

Experienced students of magic recognize the importance of blending tricks into a smoothly flowing series instead of performing single items in a more-or-less haphazard fashion. Some of the most effective magic is presented in routine form. However, while there are plenty of individual tricks to be found, the magician looking for some continuity in his mysteries ends up doing just that—looking.

The obvious advantage of a routine lies in the fact that this procedure enables the performer to move gracefully from one effect to another without a noticeable break or awkward pause. In short, from the onlookers’ viewpoint, the finished product is more pleasing to watch and, consequently, more interesting and baffling as one mystery flows easily into another.

  • Introduction
  • Preface
  • 1. Pasteboard Presto
    • Challenge Blindfold Card Routine
    • Once In 635,013,559,600
    • Unabridged
    • The Traveling Joker
    • Sleight Intended
  • 2. Peas and Cues
  • 3. Two Minds Get Together
  • 4. Strike One
  • 5. Spheroid Skulduggery
  • 6. Safety Pin-Up
  • 7. Double Ring Ceremony
  • 8. Tarot Telepathy
  • 9. Hoiman, The Spirick
  • 10. Cups and Balls
  • 11. Strictly One Sided
    • Jumping Gems
    • Mystery Paddle
    • Thompson's Magic Maker
  • 12. The Real Top Secrets

1st edition 1956, 127 pages; PDF 144 pages.
word count: 49764 which is equivalent to 199 standard pages of text