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Travel Notes: moves, shuffles and math
by Renzo Grosso

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Travel Notes: moves, shuffles and math by Renzo Grosso

The effects of "remote" mentalism (with the performer blindfolded, in another room, or, even, on the phone, with only the audio connection) generally use mathematical principles. Often, with a little pack of cards (or billets) real miracles can be performed: if the cards are to be shuffled by the spectator, it is necessary that the shuffle appears as random as possible, even if it must necessarily be a mathematical one.

With this publication I have addressed some well-known moves, used in different ways, alone or in conjunction with other shuffles or other principles; once the principle is known, it is possible, if necessary, to modify it: the Cato move, by Bob Hummer, is absolutely fundamental; combined with Faro and Anti-Faro shuffles, or others, it is able to position the chosen card well and, at the same time, to appear complicated enough to seem random.

Out of habit, I always try to fully understand the principle, the "rule" to verify the possibility of modifying the situation (counts, numbers of selected cards, and other choices) in order to modify it to adapt it to the situation or, more simply, immediately repeat the effect with different "parameters", so that the spectator and the public cannot identify the principle.

You will therefore find 9 exercises, all different, that you can use, as they are, as effects; the essential technical points are described, without story or comment or setting: 8 of these examples (all different) are made with 8 cards (4 black and 4 red) allow to obtain as many endings, placing the cards with alternating colors, or revealing cards details (the 7 reds, for example) or to “play hide and seek”; the last, with 12 cards, allows you to reveal a chosen or displayed card.

Below, you will find the same mechanisms, each applied to a story I made specifically for that effect: I normally use them in my close-up performances, both in person and on the phone:


1st edition 2022, PDF 33 pages.
word count: 7107 which is equivalent to 28 standard pages of text