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Triple By Pass
by Ken Muller

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Triple By Pass by Ken Muller

A three-way transposition in the hands of three spectators - and the performer far away.

This could follow a CSB Routine (or come first), or pick up three different poker chips from the game table, or three colored Chinese coins, or follow my China Spice routine.

Three distinctive objects have magical powers or attributes attached and become talisman to be freely chosen by two volunteers with a third getting the power that is left. Each holds and protects their selection while verbally announcing their new power and talisman with the performer across the room. But each secretly desires a different attribute held by another from envy, greed, or boredom. When they open their hands for all to see, each now holds the new talisman.

As the coins/objects jump from spectator to spectator, driven by their personal power and wishful thinking. This is not a 'quicky' effect, but is worth the time because of the audience engagement and spontaneous humor opportunities. The results can be different each time with many storylines adapted to the audience of the moment. No difficult sleights, but does require audience engagement experience and acting ability. No stooges or prep-work, but plan on some practice time to make the moves natural and spontaneous.

This effect is modified from the "Wish Full" routine in the Treasure Basket ebook, with moves, sleights and stratagems from the Sway Methods Handbook.

If this follows a CSB routine there is the additional advantage of the coins being handled by spectators as an acquitment to 'shut the door' on suspicion.

1st edition 2021, PDF 22 pages.
word count: 11589 which is equivalent to 46 standard pages of text