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Triple Climax by Aldo Colombini

A routine by Peter Warlock - performed by Aldo Colombini. This is a reputation maker. A stunning routine for close-up or stage, using a regular deck (even jumbo size). In three phases; one stronger than the other.

A packet of cards is removed and a spectator moves a certain number of cards from top to bottom. You are NOT looking during this. You take back the packet, spread it and a card is face up indicating the amount of cards moved by the spectator. The spectator repeats the same action (maybe selecting a different number of cards) and you place the packet in HIS pocket. Remove one card from his pocket and this card indicates the amount of cards previously moved. Finally a spectator cuts some cards from the packet; neither you nor he know the number of cards. He then cuts the deck held under a handkerchief and the card at the cut indicates how many cards the spectator’s pile contains! Easy to do.

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