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Triple Start: Magic Beyond Series
by Ken Muller

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Triple Start: Magic Beyond Series by Ken Muller

An opening magic effect for an unknown audience as scaffolding for a full routine. Full involvement of audience participation and imagination in making the magic happen, with astonishment beyond expectations.

With obviously empty hands as a guide, you have three spectators each imagine a different colored poker chip and pretend to place it your left hand. This prize is then guarded by a fourth spectator as three other guests decide on the order of the chips in the imaginary stack. When your hand opens it contains three actual poker chips in the exact color order chosen by the spectators. These are handed out as gifts.

This combines the production of three objects selected by spectators in the exact stack order chosen by other spectators - a double impossibility with extensive audience engagement. Can be poker chips, a CSB set, wood tokens - any set of visibly distinct 'coin-like' objects - and your very empty hands.

Designed for close-up, table-hopping or parlor venues. The hand-out of objects is optional and could use personalized tokens for advertising. Allowing spectators to handle the coins before branching to a new effect also works.

No difficult sleights, but finger dexterity is a must. Extensive live performance will allow you to follow up with a suitable effect based on audience reaction. Detailed instructions on moves, sleights and stratagems with photos. Notes on presentation psychology, verbal script suggestions and appendix articles.

All proceeds go to the woodHenge Wildlife Sanctuary

1st edition 2023, PDF 27 pages.
word count: 12532 which is equivalent to 50 standard pages of text