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Twixt by Jon Racherbaumer

Reviving "Between the Palms" one of Alex Elmsley's most offbeat plots. This is sort of a "locked room" mystery with playing cards.

It is an offbeat plot because the implicit aspects of effect, particularly its climax, are not immediately understood or appreciated. Yet the effect still has an emotional impact. Compared to other card tricks being done in 1952 it was very different. (Perhaps its closest cousins may be Fred Braue's "The Prechosen Chosen Card" from The Gen (February 1962) or Brother John Hamman's "Signed Card.")

Effect: The performer removes a card from the deck and, without showing its face, places it between the palms of a spectator. Three cards are then selected by other members of the audience. A spectator signs the face of his selection. All three cards are then lost in the deck after being noted. Then the deck is riffled and one of the selections invisibly flies to the side pocket of the performer's jacket. It is shown and slipped between the first spectator's hands, joining the card already there. Next, the second selection is produced from the performer's inside breast pocket and it is placed between the spectator's palms. The selection, which was signed, has yet to be produced. The performer asks the first spectator to separate his hands and return the two selections to their owners. This leaves him with the card given to him before any selections were made, which turns out to be the signed card!

1st edition 2021, PDF 52 pages.
word count: 14828 which is equivalent to 59 standard pages of text