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Two Card Stand
by Chris Wasshuber


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Two Card Stand by Chris Wasshuber

This is a card stand for two cards (or one jumbo card) primarily for close-up use. The stand is semi-transparent and hides the number index sufficiently so that one cannot read it. One can see that something is there but not exactly what. The cards do not sit completely upright but tilted back by 10 degrees to improve visibility in a close-up setting.

The stand is 17 cm long, 17 mm high and it has a semi-circular cross section. The depth of the slit is 13 mm - meaning the bottom most 13 mm of a card will be hidden by the stand. The stand is short enough to be carried in an inside jacket pocket.

This stand is ideal for Aronson's "Two by Two" from his Art Decko book, but it can be used for several other purposes, such as keeping an envelope or prediction in view.

Two card stand

1st edition 2016.

Reviewed by Dr. J.
★★★★★   Date Added: Tuesday 03 October, 2017

This is a very well-made product and is exactly as described in the ad copy. It works perfectly for the Aronson effect, and it also holds pay envelopes as well as invitation style envelopes, which can be displayed with predictions inside.

The sizing is very accurate and the whole unit is very light so if you wish to travel with this for use, it will not contribute any significant weight if you pack it in luggage.

Great quality product - thanks for making this available, Chris!