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Wanted Twins by Biagio Fasano & Davide Rubat Remond

This is a new self-working card trick: the viewer will choose two cards, to represent the law and by means of which he will get two more cards, lost in the deck, which he will then divide into four bundles. Over the course of two separate stages, the spectator himself will insert the "sheriffs" within the deck, as arbitrarily as possible. The decks will be shuffled, cut and completed but, despite a thousand adversities, the two "sheriff" cards will succeed in tracking down and capturing the two "outlaws," generated by the combination of the first two cards, chosen at random.

The legend tells of two outlaws on the run, a sheriff and his deputy, the only ones who know their identities. Despite various attempts at misdirection, they manage to catch up with them in different places and at different times to take them to serve their time.

The spectator chooses two cards at random from the deck (the two sheriffs), and the combination of their respective suits and values will go to form two new cards (the fugitives): this procedure ensures the free and unpredictable choice of the four protagonists of the effect. Clearly, the sheriffs are present on the scene from the beginning; in contrast, the outlaws are hidden, on the run, and lost within the deck, which in this case represents a small town in the Old West. The only thing sure and known through the investigation is their identities, but not the different places where they have taken refuge, and from which their reckless escape begins. The two sheriffs, one by one, pressed by some free choices made by the viewer, will have to undertake a race to the middle of the pack, which will lead them to close the mission with the capture of the outlaws.

You will find here a detailed eBook, written, illustrated and commented by the two authors, and complete videos of the execution and explanation of this amazing card magic trick!

1st edition 2023, PDF 7 pages, video 8:09.
word count: 2596 which is equivalent to 10 standard pages of text

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