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Watch Winder: noise maker
by Chris Wasshuber


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Watch Winder: noise maker by Chris Wasshuber

This little tool produces a clicking or ratcheting noise and is typically used for comedy bits to wind up a watch or crack somebodies arm or neck and other bits.

The starting design came from Randi Middleton who gave me permission to use it anyway I like. I have made several changes to the design, rounded some corners and edges so that it feels better in the hand. Since I am using a stronger material I also could thin up the walls to make it slimmer and I optimized the tongue shape to maximize the noise. I also improved 3D printability. The biggest change is in my use of materials. The housing including the tongue is made from a sturdy semi-transparent material that is not too stiff to allow the tongue to be flexible enough but not too much. If one would print this from PLA or ABS the tongue will likely break at some point. The gear or wheel is made from a very stiff material to increase the noise this watch winder makes.

[Please note that 3D printed parts can have minor imperfections.]

The video below does not do justice to the noise it produces, but at least you see how it looks and how large it is.

Reviewed by Mike Gulish (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Saturday 26 June, 2021

This is a great, well-made unit. I use it while doing Quentin Reynolds' 5 minutes with a pocket-handkerchief. I could never get any of the other watch winder noisemakers to work properly, or consistently, but this one is perfect! As someone who uses it often, I can highly recommend it. It is worth more than the price as it works and works well!

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