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Wave Epic
by John Gelasi


(4 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Wave Epic by John Gelasi

"And the best stuff….Scatterbrain! I LOVE that effect. That is such a clever plot. People do multiple cards to multiple location plots all the time but seeing it done in a packet trick was just beautiful. If you like the sound of the Scatterbrain plot then buy this for that effect. If you are a packet trick lover who would like to see some clever thinking on the B-wave plot, then this is a worthy buy." - Erik Ostresh

John Gelasi presents an entire ebook dedicated entirely to one of his favorite card plots: the packet brainwave effect.

Included in this new ebook are eight baffling "B'wave"-style effects, three of which are brand new, and five of which are previously published favorites. All of the effects are hard-hitting, yet relatively easy to do and use common gaffs (blank facers, blank backers, etc.). Some are actually completely impromptu and use just cards taken from a regular deck.

Effects included:

Scatterbrain: "B'wave" meets "King Thing"! A selected ace appears in a packet of jokers, and the other three aces "scatter" to various locations (the card case, etc.).

B'rainteaser: An ultra-commercial printing effect where a thought-of jack prints among a packet of blank cards, transposes, and multiplies. At the end it was revealed that the magician knew which jack would be selected all along.

Prism Wave: The spectator's selected ace is seen to be the only odd-backed card in a packet of blank cards. To demonstrate what would have happened had another ace been selected, another ace appears among the blank cards, but with a color changing finale no one will see coming!

Plus 5 more great effects: "Joker Wave", "Making Waves", "The Royal Wave", "Another Wave Pun", and "iWave".

Each effect is fully explained and features an HD-shot video demo so that you're able to learn each one in the easiest possible manner.

"I am sure John Gelasi's "Wave Epic" may kickstart your journey in exploring the wonderful possibilities of "Brainwave" effects. I quite enjoyed the effects in this collection and you may find some of his approaches in the above effects refreshing and usable. I look forward to performing some of the effects above for my next gathering events." - Andrew Loh

1st edition 2012, 22 pages.
word count: 4842 which is equivalent to 19 standard pages of text

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