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The Ghost Book of Dark Secrets
by Robert A. Nelson

#3 Mentalism & Spiritism author
#3 Comedy Magic author

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The Ghost Book of Dark Secrets by Robert A. Nelson

If you've wanted to present a Midnight Theatre Ghost Show - a Spirit Seance - Haunt a House - or scare the Yell out of your friends at a Ghost Party, The Ghost Book of Dark Secrets tell you how!

Revealed - completely - the strange and weird manifestations that transpire in darkness during the midnight spook shows and in private seance rooms. Ghosts by night stimulate the imagination - a sense of unease reigns as darkness falls - a thousand chills and thrills await. Go behind the scenes and learn how to duplicate these spine-chilling demonstrations for profit - or fun!

  • The Theatre Midnight Ghost Show - How to organize, book, perform and exploit. Complete coverage is given this subject. An entire show is routined, including new effective ghost stunts used during a special Halloween show on CBS radio, heard by an estimated 13 million listeners!
  • The professional spirit seance is described and explained in detail. The author gives his own time-tested and effective methods.
  • A spook party at home is included, for Halloween - or any time you want an unusual event that will long be remembered by your guests. Learn these easy to do, yet startling effects for your own Zombie Party! Illusions with Luminous Paint - Smart applications that grow like molehills into mountains in the darkness. An endless reservoir of ideas for spook stunts, haunted houses, and scary fun.
  • Spooky sound effects of an unlimited variety are easily and cheaply obtained. Where and how to obtain practically ANY sound effect.
  • Visual and special lighting effects to add the extra touch to your attraction. how to create physical "spirit contact" effects with your audience that involve the sense of TOUCH and FEEL to make it a spine-tingling experience that will scare the daylights out of them!
  • Complete coverage of "spook manifestations" that take place in the darkness - whether for theatre, stage, club, radio, seance room or private home party.
The information contained in this valuable book would require years to obtain otherwise, and represent an investment of thousands of dollars. Only practical applications, all of which are time-tested and proven, are explained in detail.

Midnight Ghost Shows and the offering of scare or horror entertainment to the public is still a big and profitable business. The investment is small - the returns are huge! Bookings are easy, as this type of show does NOT interfere with the usual policy of the theatre.

Written in the usual Nelson style, with personal anecdotes and experience upon which you can easily commercialize. This ebooks not only reveals many heretofore secrets of the "spook business" but shows how they can be easily and cheaply accomplished. Every active or prospective ghost show operator can profit immensely from this Ghost Book of Dark Secrets.

"If it's ghost show stuff you want, this is it. The midnight ghost show is completely described. So, also, is a radio spook show. The book includes clear descriptions of program numbers and how to accomplish the effects. Included are advice on booking, exploitation, a spook party in your home, spirit manifestations in the seance room, illusions with luminous properties and other information. Mr. Nelson's text seems to me to cover the entire subject effectively." - Dariel Fitzkee, Genii Magazine.

"Received your Ghost Book and to say that I am pleased would be a gross understatement. It is worth its weight in gold to me." - Cecil L. Henson

"Recently, I received your Ghost Book of Dark Secrets, and am well pleased. This book contains a wealth of usable information." - Bobby Orndorff

Are you a Nelson collector? This book was listed as No. 503 in the Nelson Enterprises catalog.

1st edition 1949; PDF 64 pages.
word count: 17728 which is equivalent to 70 standard pages of text