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Without Mirrors
by Christopher Charles


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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Without Mirrors by Christopher Charles

Magicians and emcees know that comedy plays an important role in warming up today's audiences. No matter how great your tricks may be, if the spectators aren't laughing, they're not being entertained. Whether for TV, stage, casino floor show (night club), or lodge shows, Without Mirrors contains an excellent assortment of material to choose from to make you the center of attention.

Memorize two or three of the one-liners and you'll also be prepared to deliver an apparently ad-lib, off the cuff remark, just as the late-night TV hosts do. While you don't have a team of comedy writers like the top stars do, reading this ebook will give you a leg up on the competition. Even if you do a straight magic act, add one or two items from this collection and watch the spectators sit up and take notice. Now you can leave 'em laughing - and get those all-important repeat dates because of your abilities as a true entertainer.

The material is arranged into several sections:

  • Opening Parody (musical number)
  • Another Opening Parody (musical number)
  • About Yours Truly (self-deprecating remarks)
  • About the Acts (poking fun at the other acts on the bill)
  • About Magic and Music (a brief, 2-person act you can do if there's a female singer on the bill with you)
  • About Hecklers (silence the loud-mouths in the audience)
  • About the Boys in the Band (if you perform with a back-up ensemble)
  • Closing Parody (musical number)
  • Another Closing Parody (musical number)
  • Forgot to Tell You (even more comedy material for you)
  • Curtain Call
"A lot of laugh material that will be found easy to use." - Lloyd E. Jones

"A patter bargain." - Lee Jacobs

"Fun and useful." - Percy Naldret

1st edition 1947, PDF 31 pages.
word count: 4960 which is equivalent to 19 standard pages of text


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