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Secret Methods of Private Readers
by Robert A. Nelson


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Secret Methods of Private Readers by Robert A. Nelson

This ebook rips back the curtain, revealing the inside secrets of private mediums and clairvoyants. Learn how and where they operate, amassing large sums of money. Every intimate detail of their operation is laid bare. Learn how the clairvoyant invades a "closed town" and sets up a thriving office business -- and continues to operate without legal interference.

Tells how "office" psychics satisfy their patrons with their exaggerated claims -- and how they get their customers to come back time and time again. Includes little-known "convincers" and "clinchers," and how they are used. The beauty shop racket is fully exposed, step by step. Learn how readings are arranged and booked days in advance. Scores of convincing patter lines for psychological readings. Plus, a full office reading transcribed from tape -- with every word revealed. A full and complete exposé of the famous Spitball Test. A terrific convincer. Here is the answer to the continual request to "Read my mind!" Demonstrate this apparent ability on the spot. Some handy billet and pellet switches explained here, too, as well as The Supreme Office Switch and Trance Vision fully revealed.

Plus, this work includes further exploits of the Famous Dr. "A" -- written from his personal notes and from transcribed recordings. Much material in this ebook is based upon the actual technique and methods of Dr. A -- himself a fabulous reader and one who has actually made many thousands of dollars in this line of work. A complete and ruthless expose of the secret methods of private readers and office mediums.

Are you a Nelson collector? This book was listed as No. 438 in the Nelson Enterprises catalog.

1st edition 1953, PDF 71 pages.
word count: 19978 which is equivalent to 79 standard pages of text