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A Quiet Corner
by Dale A. Hildebrandt

#3 Mentalism & Spiritism author
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A Quiet Corner by Dale A. Hildebrandt

A Quiet Corner was originally published in Nathan Spark’s ebook Tattoo and reprinted in Heavily Haunted: Second Edition. Here is what Don Theo III had to say about A Quiet Corner:

"Subtitled "Various Tips, Techniques, Pieces and Parts." Prepare yourself before diving into this entry. This is a walk on the wild side, led by the delicious madness that is Dale Hildebrandt. Dale goes really deep with this, and it's obvious he really put forth a lot of time and effort. Since first reading his work, I have always wanted to attend a lecture by Dale just for the pure experience. This is about as close as it gets without having him right there in front of you. I would imagine it is very difficult to communicate the techniques Dale teaches. He seems to have a real talent for molding intangible premises into visceral musings."

10 pages
word count: 4842 which is equivalent to 19 standard pages of text