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Abbott's Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks Volume 2
by Stewart James

#2 in Italian (italiano) author
#3 Ropes, Ribbons, Strings & Reels author

(3 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Abbott's Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks Volume 2 by Stewart James

This is the second of three parts. From the preface:

Several years of research and compilation by Stewart James has gone into this volume to bring the material up to date. Mr. James compiled the first volume and we are indeed indebted to him for his work in this book. The late Ted Annemann once wrote of him: "I honestly consider Stewart James as one of the best informed people in the business, bar none, and one whose tricks always have a touch of genius in their originality."

  • Publisher's Foreward
  • We Dedicate
  • The Fable Of The Hindu Rope Trick
  • Acknowledgments
  • Chapter One: Knots
    • One Hand And One Knot
    • Cordini's Double Knot
    • Jack Ketch's Nonsense Knot
    • Satan's "Quicker Than U Think"
    • Tan Hock Chuan's Appearing Knot
    • The Fastest Knot On Record
    • Martin Gardner's Magic Knot
    • Martin Gardner's Chefalo Release
    • Martin Gardner's Impossible Knot
    • Sander's Phantomknot
    • The Illusive Knot
    • Lingley's Swing-A-Way Knot
    • Loe's Chefalo Developments
    • Loe's "Shoelace" Variations
    • The Repeat Knots
    • Joseph Keen's Slip Knot
    • Take It Off
    • The African Knot
    • Phantini Vanishing Knot
    • Kaplan's Cut And Restored Rope Knot
    • Lingley's Omega Square Knot
    • Lingley's Alpha Square Knot
    • Charles Harrison's Perfect False Knot
    • The Invested Knot
    • Steal Of The Red Knot
    • The Climbing Knot
    • The Scobie Knot
    • Knottery
    • Hamilton's Idea
    • Scurti's Jumping Knot
    • U. F. Grant's Spirit Knots
  • Chapter Two: Penetrations (Two Ropes)
    • A Rope Hitch
    • Color Wrinkle
    • Rope And Coat Release
    • Coffee And Doughnuts
    • Comedy Doughnut Trick
    • Improved Ropes Through Neck
    • Lucier's Psychological Discovery
    • Abbott's Block-It
    • Eddie Joseph's Lightning Escape
    • Off The Cuff
    • Houdini's Grandma
    • Abbott's Thru And Thru
    • Abbott's Within The Circle
    • Paul Curry's Linked
    • Elizabeth Warlock's Linklater
    • Loops Entwined
    • Peter Warlock's Ringcord
  • Chapter Three: Penetrations (One Rope)
    • Thumb Amputation
    • Hindu Ring Mystery
    • Rope, Ring And Rod
    • Rope-It
    • Ringing A Rope
    • Hummering
    • Release-O-Ring
    • Out Of The Loop
    • Eddie Joseph's Remarkable Release
    • Arturo's A Ring Between
    • Abbott's "The Talisman Of Hung Woo"
    • Blok-Kord
    • Houdini Block
    • Post And Ropes Illusion
    • Abbott's Ribbonifty
    • Bisect-U
    • Abbott's Uncanny Rope Mystery
    • Cutting A Lady In Halves
    • Abbott's Whirling Dervish
    • Cyro's Super-Duper Rope Trick
  • Chapter Four: Cut And Restored Rope
    • Martin Gardner's Scissor Cut No. One
    • Martin Gardner's Scissor Cut No. Two
    • Dr. Wiener's Not At All
    • Sanoj Cut And Restored Rope
    • Arthur Punnar's Perfected Restored Rope
    • Abbott's Double Circle Rope Mystery
    • Abbott's No-Knot Restored Rope
    • U. F. Grant's Perfect Cut Rope Trick
    • Clean Cut
    • Carlo's Ez2 Do Rope Trick
    • Joseph Fries' A Sailor's Rope
    • Follow-Up Cut And Restored Rope Trick
    • John Giordmaine's Comedy Rope Trick
    • Eddie Joseph's "Chain Of Penitence"
    • R. C. Buff's Together Again
    • Tom Fitzgerald's Cut And Restored Rope To Cigarette
  • Chapter Five: Cut And Restored Rope (Continued)
    • Clayton Rawson's Knots Of Flame
    • R. W. Hull's Cut And Restored Rope
    • John Thornton's Shaggy Dog Panama
    • The Rainbow Rope
    • William Boylston's Restored Rope Routine
    • Ken Allen's If You Like It
    • P. C. Sorcar's Restored Again
    • U. F. Grant's Spectator Rope Trick
    • Larry Becker's Cut And Restored Rope
    • Winston Freer's "54" Rope Trick
    • Abbott's Four - To - Two Rope Trick
    • Abbott's Incredible Rope
    • Phoenix Cut And Restored Rope
    • Neff's Miracle Rope
  • Chapter Six: Miscellaneous Rope Tricks
    • A Torres Straits Lizard
    • The Idiot Rope Trick
    • U. F. Grant's Comedy Rope Trick
    • Thumb Tie Extraordinary
    • Abbott's Slick Tie
    • Larry Becker's Knot Effect
    • Tan Hock Chuan's Knot Effect
    • Abbott's Handkerchief And Rope Penetration
    • Mystic Craig's Spooky Rope
    • Abbott's Long Smoke
    • Burton Marks Trunk Substitution

1st edition 1968, 307 pages; PDF 156 pages.
word count: 48301 which is equivalent to 193 standard pages of text