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ACAAN meets a Monkey
by Abhinav Bothra

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ACAAN meets a Monkey by Abhinav Bothra

A merge of ACCAN and Do As I Do.

ACAAN is one of the most loved card plots and Do As I Do is one of the most ignored. ACAAN meets a Monkey is a unique cross-over between both of them.

Here two cards get chosen, one by the performer and one by the participant. Both cards are then lost and the cards get shuffled. Both cards are later found by the participant at the number that the participant decides on.

Flow of Events:

  • A pack of cards gets cut into 2 packets by the participant.
  • The participant picks one packet and the performer picks the other one.
  • Both of them show one card from their packet to the other person and then shuffle their packets.
  • And the 2 packets get exchanged.
Now the situation is both the performer and participant have the packets that contain their card, but have no knowledge about the position of their cards. Through a very special and fair dealing procedure the participant manages to find his own card from the packet in his hand. And then proceeds to find the card of the performer at the number he decides on (no forces).

1st edition 2023; PDF 11 pages, video 8:25.
word count: 1553 which is equivalent to 6 standard pages of text