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After Dinner Technique
by Ken de Courcy

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After Dinner Technique by Ken de Courcy

From the preface:

This book first appeared in 1953 in serial form in Goodliffe's ABRACADABRA. At the time it was the first treatise to be published on the subject and many people were kind enough to say it helped them overcome the difficulties always found in after-dinner shows.

All the information it contained was learned by experience as it was a field in which I specialised. And, although it was written nearly thirty years ago, almost nothing has changed; which is surprising when you consider the sweeping changes in other spheres of entertainment.

  • Preface And Acknowledgement
  • Foreword Be Natural
  • Chapter 2 What About Dress?
  • Chapter 3 What About Conditions?
  • Chapter 4 Now, About Audiences....
  • Chapter 5 What About Volunteers?
  • Chapter 6 A Word About Your Table
  • Chapter 7 Choosing The Tricks
  • Chapter 8 Now, About The Acts....
  • Chapter 9 More About The Acts
  • Chapter 10 The Sorcerer's Apprentice
  • Chapter 11 Music, Maestro, Please
  • Chapter 12 How Music Helps
  • Chapter 13 Get Your Clients Registered
  • Part Two Trick Section
    • Ali (The Thief Of Bad-Gags): Routine For The Six Card Repeat Effect
    • George Blake: "Flash!"
    • Tan Hock Chuan: Discatorial
    • Jimmy Revill: Block And Frame
  • Finale
    • Money To Burn
1st edition 1980, 64 pages; PDF 67 pages.
word count: 24339 which is equivalent to 97 standard pages of text