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Arch Hive by Dale A. Hildebrandt

Arch Hive by Dale A. Hildebrandt "Some Collected Works Volume One" is the first collected works of Dale A. Hildebrandt. From his first manuscript Hypnohole & Other Absurdities to later manuscripts, submissions to periodicals, and manuscripts by others, this is the first volume of collected works of Dale A. Hildebrandt.

Dale has been publishing magic books since 2001 and has contributed to various online and physical publications of others since a few years before that. He's created Dual Reality pieces, Out to Lunch Variations, Mentalism pieces, both funny and dark Bizarre magick, reading systems, and more. Dale has decided it is most efficient and economical to start producing some collected works publications to condense older material into a few easily available volumes. Don't worry, though. He will also still be producing new magic for you to peruse.

Here's a sampling of what you will find in Arch Hive:

  • One Ultimate Hottest Coin: The heating of a coin in a volunteer's hands, explored in-depth
  • Hand Bluffs material: A bevy of things you can do with touch and handshakes
  • Water Bend: Psychokinesis with water
  • Various Energy Work using trickery and semi-trickery
  • The Thirteenth Levitation: An odd levitation of a volunteer that only happens inside their mind
  • Skin Type: Read and sense things with just your fingertips in a modular multi-phase routine
  • Various Reading systems and NLP/Hypnosis and related techniques throughout
  • A Rock Paper Scissors routine

Seance material, Camp Dragon material (a theoretical exploration of creating a dragon without ever showing a dragon), a few card effects, various psychokinetic material, variations on Magic Age Cards, Out to Lunch variations, material on Auras, my infamous Hypnohole routine, Star Sign material, anagrams, Heavily Haunted: Haunted Key manuscript, Weather magic, and more, much more.

1st edition 2022, PDF 363 pages.
word count: 154964 which is equivalent to 619 standard pages of text