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The London Midnight Ghost Show
by Robert A. Nelson

#3 Comedy Magic author

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The London Midnight Ghost Show by Robert A. Nelson

Complete show script and described effects as used in Nelson's London Midnight Ghost Show, also known under the title Century Mid-Night Ghost Show, (that originally sold for the equivalent of over $1800.00).

The Nelson Enterprises framed many spook shows for others after they launched their own, which was one of the biggest and finest ghost shows ever to take to the road. This show, in three acts, contains demonstrations of apparent spiritism, including a full-light seance, sealed message reading, clairvoyance, a slate test, thought transference, table levitation, Alla Rageh's spine-chilling ghost story, spirit manifestations in the dark, and more.

Partial contents:

  • Opening Lecture
  • Crystal Gazing Act (Sealed Message Reading)
  • Pitch Book Sales
  • Séance in Full Light
  • Spirit Rope Tie
  • Floating Table
  • Spirit Slates
  • Static Electricity (Floating Bulb)
  • A True Ghost Story
  • Floating Spirit Faces
  • Materialization of Spirits
  • Notes on Using Luminous Effects
  • Closing Lecture
  • Booking and Exploitation
  • Nelson Ghost Show Poster
  • and more
With this show, including the patter and routines, you'll know everything you need to present a ghost or spook show that's equal to any touring act. Nelson claimed that all you need is an assistant, a few rehearsals, and you'll be ready to make real money in the best theaters.

This ebook is not just of interest to performers. Collectors and those interested in the spook show craze will also add it to their "must-have" list. The show script is especially informative, to learn how Nelson set the proper mood and managed audience expectations throughout the performance.

While the original Nelson Enterprises manuscript contained mostly patter material, this revised and enlarged edition contains three new chapters, fourteen added illustrations, plus a description of the various effects (many that you already own), and in most cases, the methods are explained, too.

From the introduction by B. W. McCarron:

Using lessons learned from his stage experience enabled Nelson to assemble a quality show that he sold to others - for big money.

Are you a Nelson collector? This book was listed as No. 460 in the Nelson Enterprises catalog.

1st edition 1937, enlarged 2021, PDF 41 pages.
word count: 8680 which is equivalent to 34 standard pages of text