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Bold Mentalism
by Matteo Filippini


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Bold Mentalism by Matteo Filippini

Matteo Filippini's lecture notes dedicated to bold mentalism, the brazen, reckless one. Boldness is a characteristic that, perhaps more than anything else, distinguish mentalism not only from other similar forms of entertainment but also from 'mentalism' that wants to be perfect at all costs. To best explain bold approaches and methods, Matteo describes in detail five routines, simple in methods but absolutely effective for real audiences.


An impromptu duplication of spectator's drawing which can be done using only a bunch of business cards and a pen.


A demonstration of extrasensory perception with the notorious Zener cards, inspired by an experiment that seems to have been part of the repertoire of Erik Jan Hanussen, the famous Third Reich psychic.


Analysis of a routine of the great Bob Cassidy in which the spectator will be the one to demonstrate telepathic abilities.


Simplified and impromptu version of the great Orville Meyer classic in which the performer divines three pieces of information.


The mentalist asks a spectator to take a banknote out of his wallet, fold it, then hide it in one of his hands. The mentalist not only will be able to guess which hand the banknote is in several times, but will even be able to divine the serial number from a distance.

1st edition 2020, PDF 26 pages.
word count: 6833 which is equivalent to 27 standard pages of text