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(21st May, 1933 - 19th May, 2010)

Born Ulf Bolling, mostly known for his storytelling type of magic. Borodin was a founding member of Ars Magica, a group of magicians who perform theatrical magic presentations.

Publications are The Cézanne Code, Sheherazade, and Final Curtain.

Coauthors: Bill Palmer MIMC

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Borodin & Bill Palmer MIMC
Sheherazade by Borodin & Bill Palmer MIMC

Punx considered Borodin (Ulf Bolling) his best student, who had a gift weaving storytelling and magic into one coherent and mesmerizing unit. This work has received numerous accolades including from Ted Lesley who wrote:

"Believe me friends, it is a wonderful book. The first trick in it is alone worth 10 times more, as you have to pay for it. I recommend it highly!!!!

Sheherazade is not a magic book. Sheherazade is also not a story book. Sheherazade is the successful synthesis of the two. This ebook contains extremely refined routines which are easy to perform. They are dressed up in artistic presentations...

★★★★★ $49.50
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