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by Borodin & Bill Palmer MIMC


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Sheherazade by Borodin & Bill Palmer MIMC

Punx considered Borodin (Ulf Bolling) his best student, who had a gift weaving storytelling and magic into one coherent and mesmerizing unit. This work has received numerous accolades including from Ted Lesley who wrote:

"Believe me friends, it is a wonderful book. The first trick in it is alone worth 10 times more, as you have to pay for it. I recommend it highly!!!!

Sheherazade is not a magic book. Sheherazade is also not a story book. Sheherazade is the successful synthesis of the two. This ebook contains extremely refined routines which are easy to perform. They are dressed up in artistic presentations which transform them into exciting miracles which captivate and please not only the eye, but also the ear of the audience. And this causes an interesting phenomenon: the magic takes place in the minds, in the fantasies of the audience.

The first section deals with stories that have a feeling of fairy tales. The second section "Midnight Stories" quickly teaches the audience the meaning of horror. Thanks to Borodin's elegantly composed words, this is the stylistically the finest and magically the most exacting presentation of the often very rough field of Bizarre Magic. The third section presents the reader with the broad field of mental magic. Here Borodin presents his fabulously outstanding technical knowledge which is framed in exciting presentations.

When Sheherazed was printed in German in 1999, it took the German world of magic by storm. In 2000, Ulf Bolling-Borodin was awarded the Author of the Year Award by the Magic Circle of Germany for this book. Bill Palmer, personal friend of Borodin, took on the challenge to translate his masterpiece. There are 32 routines, and lots of photos and line drawings. There are enchanting tales that will keep you spellbound, horror stories that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck and mental mysteries that will convince your audience that you really can read their minds.

  • Foreword
  • Translator's Introduction
  • Once Upon a Time, There Was...
    • The Ring of Sheherazade
    • Saladin the Thief
    • Adesso the Dwarf
    • Tahor's Silver Flute
    • Nancy and the Emerald Necklace
    • Amhutep and the Stars of Egypt
    • Oh! My Papa
    • Salgala
    • Neville and the Silent Beauty
  • Midnight Stories
    • Bizarre
    • The Philosophers' Stone - First Version
    • The Philosophers' Stone - Second Version
    • Heritage of Horror
    • Russian Roulette
    • The Song of the Trees
    • The Devil's Doorways
    • A Killer('s) Story
    • Aunt Elise
    • John Keysie's Hand
    • The Judgment
    • The Medallion
    • Jimmy Hang Her
    • Irene
    • Witchcraft
  • Mental Mysteries
    • Thoughts
    • Oliver is Thinking About Barbara
    • The BOBOO Test
    • The Borodin Writer
    • Oh! Clock
    • The 7th Key
    • The Bio - Killer
    • Number Wonder
    • Something Hot
    • Dream Movies
    • One From Ahead
    • It's a Hammer!
    • Blood is Thicker Than Water
  • Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain
  • Material Safety Data Sheets

1st German edition 1999, first English edition 2003, first digital edition 2018, 320 pages.
word count: 87017 which is equivalent to 348 standard pages of text