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Card Addict
by Peter Duffie


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Card Addict by Peter Duffie

Twentyone fantastic tricks with cards. Comes with several photos for a better and clearer description. If I had to get one book by Peter Duffie, this would be it.

1st edition, 2000.

KICK-START ACES: A spectator locates the four Aces in your deck (without looking!).

SWEET SIXTEEN: You show the four Fours which you point out total 16. You turn one face up. The face up four splits into two Twos. This leaves two face down cards. Question: "If the cards total 16, what should the remaining two face down cards total?" The audience reply, "Twelve?" "That's right," you say. "Well, actually it's two twelves!" you say, as you snap them over revealing two red Queens.

SIX CARD INTERLUDE: A trick to intrigue using any six cards.

MAGICAL MIXTURE: A well shuffled coincidence followed by a magical teleportation. BYPASS: A discovery of two chosen cards, one appearing in your pocket.

HALLOWEEN LOCATION: This is a presentation for a location using the "Automatic Placement."

FACT OR FICTION?: My latest approach to the Gardner Lie Detector plot. This is based on Robert Neale's "Cal the Incalculable." See "Heaps of Lies" later in this booklet for another approach to the plot.

MIRACLE OR IMPOSSIBLE AGAIN!: This is a variation on Arun Bonerjee's "Miracle or Impossible" that appeared in The Billet, no.348, July/Aug 2000. There is an old mathematical location disguised by the spelling here.

MAKE MINE A DOUBLE: A simple matching effect where a spectator picks a card for you and a card for himself. Both cards match in colour and value.

FAT CHANCE: A simple card trick inspired by Tom Sellers' classic plot.

THE BROWN DETECTIVE: Based on "The Detective Card Trick" (The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown by Trevor Hall, 1973). Professor Sidney Lawrence also published a very similar trick in Ten Self Working Master Effects (undated manuscript).

TOTALIZATOR: Two spectators each freely select a card. You immediately produce two cards that have the same total.

THE MENTAL PACK: A deck of cards reveals a number that a spectator is thinking of then his selected card appears magically.

SUIT CARRIER: You lay the four Aces on the table. A spectator selects a card which is placed to one side. He now takes the Aces. You ask him to spell CLUBS, which he does by shifting cards from top to bottom as he spells. He then deals the top Ace face up onto the table and it's the Ace of Clubs, to which you say, "I don't think your card is a club." This is repeated with Hearts and Spades. He is left holding the Ace of Diamonds. You state that his card must be a Diamond. He agrees. You now turn over his card revealing it has changed into the Ace of Diamonds. The card he is holding is now his selected card.

HOUR MAGIC!: A spectator locates his selected card using his magic hour.

INNOCENT CONFUSION: A handling variation of Roy Walton's "Confusion of the Innocents" (Genii, Sept 2000).

WORD COUNT: A selected card is found in the deck by spelling out a regular sequence of numbers. There are two versions included here.

RITUAL ABUSE: This, and the following two effects were inspired by Marty Kane's recent positional retention work (Status Quo Principles 1 & 2 - see 21 Card Tricks for further ideas). Both J. K. Hartman and Phil Goldstein have previously published effects based on these principles dating back to the 1980s. Marty has independently analysed these principles and formulated them for various sized packets and different procedures. This first effect is a card divination/prediction.

STRAIGHT QUALITY POKER: A spectator mixes a packet of 11 cards then produces three matching pairs. The five remaining cards form a royal flush!

HEAPS OF LIES: Our final visit to positional retention is a version of the familiar Gardner "Lie Detector" plot. This time a Deal Mix is used instead of the Under/down (Status Quo Principle 2).

BLACKJACKED: A production of perfect blackjack hands from a shuffled packet.
word count: 8783 which is equivalent to 35 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Feras Alkharboush
★★★★   Date Added: Thursday 21 June, 2007

Hi there. I don't have any of Duffie's work, and I read that this is the book to get when it comes to Duffie. I bought it as a special offer elsewhere, and its really, really good.

Alot of effects contain dealing. Sometimes spelling is used ( combined with mathmatic priciples ). Sometimes dealing is used to mix the cards ... etc.

Standard sleights are not explained. Sleights like Elmsley count, Vernon Add-on, Faro, Reverse Faro ( even its not a move, but the term is used ), half pass and double lifts and false shuffles, are needed, but not explained.

I loved some effects, and liked others. I know I won't use some of them though, because they look more like puzzles, than a magic effect. I'll review the effects I use:

Kickstart Aces: Spectator locates the aces with a help of magic card. A VERY neat, clean 4 of a kind production. The spectator locates the aces in a very clean way. Its has some prepration,which can be done if you know how to cull effectivly. Other than that, its a winner.

Sweet Sixteen: Though the effect is fun to do, the plot itself is not the best. You show 4 cards, pointing out they are 16 in total. You turn them face down, turn of them face up, count the cards and the face up 4 changes to 2. You do another change, getting two 2's. You say 16-4 = 12. So I should have 12 left! No! I have TWO 12s! ( i.e queens ). The plot is not the best, but it might be nice to do once in a while.

Six Cards Interlude: any deck is shuffled, then top six cards are taken. One is fairly selected, and revealed later one. You never touch the cards, you don't have to be there anyway. You can instruct your friend in the phone! The effect takes awhile to do ( dealing and transfering cards ), but its *nice*.

By Pass: A very quick effect, which is really fun and nice to do. Two cards are selected, You take produce one from your pocket and the other is reversed in middle of the deck. The method *flows*, and is really quick. A very good card control is taught here, which is something I will use.

Halloween Location: A selected card revelation thought a fair process. Again the dealing card be boring here ( I've had the spectator dealing 45 cards once, his card is 46 .. ) Fact or Fiction: One of my TOP favorite effects! THIS IS the lie detector I will use! Its simply brillant! Performed it 4 times, each time got a kick out of it! There is some setup, but the effect is well worth it.

Make Mine a Double: An extremly clean way to produce 2 cards of the same suit and value. Spectator chooses a card for you, then a card for him. Both are the same in value and suit. Very simple method, very direct and quick effect.

Totalizator: As it reads, 2 value's of the selections are summed, and you produce two cards with the same summed result. Easy and direct. You will use it if you like the plot.

The Mental Pack: A card and a number are selected in a fair way, and the number is *produced*, and so is the card ( in a visual way, like in the standard card sandwich handling ). I will use this, though I'll use a short card instead of the crimp ( I'm telling this in case you bought the book! ). Some setup is needed, but well worth it for the effect. I use this in my performances.

Hour Magic: A little quickie for you to use. I don't use it in my performances, only in *here is my deck. Show me a quick trick* situations. Borrowed deck, no sleight of hand.

These are the effects I read and use. I didn't have time to read the others, I will do since holiday is coming. For now, some effects here are really amazing, while others are like *nice .. *. There is something for everyone here.