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Card Shark Issue 6
by Kyle MacNeill


(6 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Card Shark Issue 6 by Kyle MacNeill

Welcome to issue 6 of CardShark, the highly anticipated monthly card magazine that contains exciting tricks from magicians around the world. This issue contains five great card tricks, which will feed your card magic needs, all for a tasty $2.80!

In this issue, we have a great new trick from John Carey, plus fantastic new tricks from upcoming creators Michael Cookman, Rob Gardner and a trick from card legend Stephen Tucker. Plus, a trick from me. So go grab a deck of cards, and enjoy working your way through five great card effects…

  1. My Game is Poker by John Carey – A really nice trick that is very hands off, very effective and has great spectator involvement. John Carey is a genius at creating very streamlined but strong effects, and this is certainly no exception.
  2. Fanned Triumph + Fanned Triumph Collectors by Rob Gardner – This is a super exciting new triumph, that is both simple and commercial. Also included is an addition to turn it into a collectors routine – this is awesome! You will certainly find use in this routine.
  3. Impromptu Brainwave by Stephen Tucker – A devilishly simple and devious brainwave effect, where you start clean and end clean, using some very clever equivoque.
  4. Initial Effect by Michael Cookman – A very cool signature effect that is impromptu, and can use any deck of cards. The last bit can also happen in their hands. Great stuff!
  5. He's Hof again! – This is a cool Hofzinser Aces routine of mine, which appeared in my Ebook Inventions. It is visual and simple.

1st edition 2012; 12 pages.
word count: 2749 which is equivalent to 10 standard pages of text

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