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Celebrity Poker
by Scott F. Guinn

#2 Balls, Eggs, Dice & Cups author

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Celebrity Poker by Scott F. Guinn

Celebrity Poker is Scott's exciting take on Alan Shaxon's "Confabulation" effect. This is a mentalism routine for parlor, platform and stage with lots of audience participation, comedy, and an extremely engaging presentation. The routine is very funny, super strong, super easy to do, and with one exception, the required props cost next to nothing at your local dollar store or Walmart. The good news: That one exception is readily available from magic dealers and it isn't very expensive--and you don't have to own it to do the routine! Scott gives complete instructions on how to do the routine without it.

Effect: Everyone in the audience visualizes a famous actor from TV or the movies. The audience chooses someone to reveal her mentally chosen actor. Then everyone in the audience pictures that actor and a few of his friends, sitting around his table eating a specific food. Again, at the whim of the audience, a person is chosen to reveal the food he pictured. The audience then selects another person, who in turn chooses two other people. Everyone visualizes the chosen actor and his friends eating the chosen food while enjoying a poker night. These two people work together to choose which card will be the celebrity's in a "winner-take-all" hand of high card. In the fairest possible way, you reveal that you have correctly predicted the card, the food, and the actor, in spite of the fact that there has apparently been a problem and the situation seems to have gotten out of hand!


  • There is virtually no sleight-of-hand involved.
  • The routine is very easy to learn and perform, but comes across as a miracle.
  • The presentation literally involves the entire audience, both mentally and physically.
  • No stooges, electronics, pre-show work, impression devices, double-writing, etc.
  • Scott's full professional script is included.

"I like this routine a lot. It reminds me of T.A. Waters work. Well done!" - Darrin Cook

"Thank you so much for 'Celebrity Poker!' I will definitely use this!" - Vic Brisbin

"Scott, thanks for this. I can see how this would be a fun and entertaining addition to anyone's act." - John Luka

"Got it. As usual, you've constructed a very commercial routine. Lots of room for comic byplay and interaction. Congratulations!" - Greg Arce

"Scott, congratulations on another highly commercial, practical, and exciting release! I love the way you've streamlined everything so that the performer can simply focus on their presentation. I feel your releases are the natural successor to the Ron Bauer Private Study Series. If someone likes those, they will LOVE your releases. You've tipped some of your best work, including some very funny patter. I highly recommend Celebrity Poker!" - Jeff Kowalk

"Scott has created a really strong - and funny - routine here. It's method is simple and direct (one of the few routines that doesn't need special props too!). I especially like the way that the revelations build along the way, totally obviating the need to include a weak revelation at the end if you were using a one-ahead technique, for instance. I also like the fact that the number of revelations is flexible and that Scott is giving you a system that, with a bit of thought and creativity, can work with ANY story. You can use his presentation if you like, or, if you have a kids show coming up, you can make up something for them. If you do any trade show or corporate work, you'll see the immediate benefit of being able to adapt the presentation. For ten bucks, you're getting a routine and presentation that you can use for any market. It's a strong piece of mentalism that will serve you well. As usual with Scott, the ebook is very clearly laid out and explained with photos where needed. Thanks Scott!" - John Holt

1st edition 2016, 37 pages
word count: 5383 which is equivalent to 21 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Jon Dabach (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Tuesday 19 January, 2021

Great routine! Very easy and some good comedic bits in there. In truth it's more akin to mental epic than confabulation. Nothing really new here just good techniques and methods from other put together in quite a commercial routine.