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Club 71: 1986
by Geoff Maltby

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Club 71: 1986 by Geoff Maltby
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Issue 22
  • Editorial by Walt Lees
  • Hints and Tips by Marc Weinstock
  • To Thine Own Self Be True: Thoughts on television magic
  • Fred Robinson: An appreciation
  • A Die-Abolic Mystery: A New Kids Routine from Tevor Lewis
  • Letters: Club Members write
  • That's the Way To Do It: Walt continues the series on Punch and Judy
  • Unclassified Ads: Buy, sell, swop, trade with other Club Members
  • Card Sessions by John C. Mournier
  • Magical Diary: What's happening and when
  • L. of a Card Trick: Card magic from Ian Rowland
  • Bar Magic: Geoff continues this popular topic
  • Let's Take A Closer Look: Penny Fortunes by R. A. Hannah
  • News and Reviews: What's happening around the studio
  • Magic From The Archives: How to make and perform the Dancing Cane.
  • Mental Magic: Barrie Richardson continues with the second in his new series
  • Basic Card Technique: The Biddle Count
  • Gone Silks: A clever effect from John Wolf
  • Puzzle Page: Another collection of Magical Brain Teasers
  • Answers: How did you fare last issue?
  • Cabaret Time: 'A Pain in the Glass' from Tony Richards
  • The Knight's Tour by W. J. Cox
  • Kiddies Column: Walt's thoughts on 'Flatties'!
  • Funny Fings: More hilarious anecdotes.

Issue 23
  • Editorial by Walt Lees
  • Basic Card Technique
  • Puzzle Page: Another magical brain-teaser
  • Simon Says: More from the outspoken pen of Simon Lovell
  • Display: A clever idea fro feather flowers from Scrivante
  • Solutions: Answers to last month's Crossword
  • Kid's Column: A new routine for Children's entertainers
  • Hints and Tips
  • Annabel's Dye Tube: The Genius of Fred Robinson
  • Unclassified Ads: Buy, sell or exchange
  • Mental Magic: More from Barrie Richardson
  • Mental Card Divination
  • Stunts and Tricks
  • Bar Magic: Conducted by Geoff Maltby
  • Card Sessions
  • Follow the Leader: Comedy magic
  • To Win Or Lose: Thoughts on the future of Magic
  • Funny Fings: More true stories from the diary of Len Belmont
  • News and Reviews: Stories around the London studio
  • That's The Way To Do It: Punch and Judy Column
  • Cup and Die Mystery
  • Open Competition: How to enter and details of the prizes
  • Society Roundup: around the magic clubs
  • Subscription and Renewal Information
  • Magical Diary: Who, what, where and when.

Issue 24
  • Editorial by Walt Lees
  • Mental Magic from Barrie Richardson
  • Cabaret Time by Brian Davies
  • Coin Magic: New series by J. Moskowitz
  • Hints and Tips from Mike Smith
  • Funny Fings: Len Belmont continues his series
  • The Art of Emerson: Arthur Emerson for mentalists
  • Basic Card Technique: This month we tackle the Hamman Count
  • That's The Way To Do It: Walt Lees on Punch and Judy
  • Chinese Take-Away: An incredible story, from Wilkie Dee
  • What's A Name: Valuable Business for Kids' Entertainers
  • Bar Magic of 'Dick' Turpin
  • Kiddies Column: another routine by Walt Lees
  • Smokey the Clown by Ron Townsend
  • Card Sessions by Peter Blanchard
  • News Review by Geoff Maltby
  • Let's Take a Closer Look from John Wolf
  • Unclassified Ads: Buy, Sell, Trade
  • Subscription Information
  • Magical Diary: Who, What, When and Where
  • Patrick's Page: Pat Page continues his regular column.
  • Open Competition
  • Society Roundup

Issue 25
  • Open Competition
  • Editorial
  • Close Up by John B. Wolf
  • Stunts and Tricks
  • Patrick Page: An entertaining idea from Patrick Page
  • Puzzle Page: Crossword Number Three
  • Answers: Solutions to last issue's crossword
  • Kiddies Column: Conducted by Walt Lees
  • Magical Diary: Who, What, Where and When
  • Basic Card Technique: The Buckle Count
  • Inheritance
  • Cabaret Time: A crazy stunt from Tony Richards
  • Card Sessions by John Carrol Mounier
  • 1986 Catalogue Supplement
  • News and Reviews conducted by Geoff Maltby
  • Funny Fings: A new series by Len Belmont
  • Magic from the Archives
  • That's the Way To Do It: Part three of the series on Punch and Judy
  • Mental Magic: A new series from Barrie Richardson
  • Simon Says: Simon Lovell's Column
  • Parrotwist: A new card effect from Phil Goldstein
  • Hints and Tips by Ian Rowland
  • Blackpool Convention last call
  • Subscription Information

Issue 26
  • Editorial: Walt tells it as it is
  • Patrick's Page: An intriguing Christmas puzzle from Pat
  • Cabaret Time: More zany magic from Tony Richards
  • The Poor Boy's Happy Christmas
  • Unclassified Ads: Buy, sell, swop
  • What About The Weather? A clever routine by John Jarvis
  • When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney
  • The Art of Emerson
  • Magical Diary: Who, what, where and when
  • Detex: A clever card move from C. W. Stanford
  • Punch and Judy by Walt Lees
  • Dollar Bill Transpo by John Wolfe
  • The Old Tradition
  • Kiddies Column
  • Subscription Information
  • Ever Decreasing Circles: Ladies, magic and the Magic Circle
  • Where Are We Now?
  • Deceptive Divinations from Russell Hall
  • Funny Fings by Len Belmont
  • News and Reviews from around the Studio by Geoff Maltby
  • Basic Card Technique: The False Cut
  • Stunts and Tricks from Bob Bromley
  • Simon Says Christmas Quiz

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