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The Magician (Club 71): 2007

by Geoff Maltby

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The Magician (Club 71): 2007 by Geoff Maltby

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Issue 186
  • Magical News and reviews around the world with Geoff Maltby
  • Eddie Dawes reviews the magazines.
  • John Rhodes keeps us up to date with who has been doing what and where.
  • Al Smith suggests some magical consignees to Room 101.
  • Alan Ward discusses a special form of line art.
  • Magical diary—put your club on the map.
  • Your contributions can win prizes
  • Unclassified ads. Buy, sell, swop or announce.
  • Ian Keable and Walt discuss the good professor Hoffman
  • Alexander Allen adds yet another novel card revelation to the cannon.
  • Peter Duffie presents an easy to do 'Lie Detector' that cannot fail, and which, with good management, allows the spectator to handle the cards for the whole trick.
  • Max Maven moves on to a variation of his effect in the last issue. The four aces are used for a couple of preliminary tricks to see if they are up to the task of locating a selected card. They are; and they do.
  • Stephen Tucker and Andrew Hawkes continue the theme they began in November.
  • Ian Adair has a business-packed routine about jockeys in search of a horse.
  • Peter D'Arcy discusses running Children's parties
  • Ali Cardabra employs an old optical illusion to produce a coin in a new way.
  • Ian Adair has devised a new style book test using highlighter pens.
  • Werner Miller offers two versions of an ÈSP coincidence where the performer and a spectator finish up holding the same symbol.
  • A clever Jumbo prediction by Ian Adair
  • Barrie Richardson has developed a new method of billet reading, which is devilish in its ingenuity and simplicity. For mentalists, this will be the plum item of the whole issue.
  • Malcolm Yaffe shares a superb routine combining the production of liquid with a lévitation. Straight out of his professional show. This is a real gem and surety is not to be missed.

Issue 187
  • News and what's on in the world of magic with Geoff
  • Walt Lees TV or not TV Magic on and off the Telly
  • Al Smith muses on why audiences can be so impatient sometimes and not others.
  • John Rhodes keeps us abreast of who has been doing what.
  • Magical Societies what where and when
  • JJ's Wagon and fishing line & beermats!
  • A sneak preview of next issue
  • Barrie Richardson explains the memory system he has developed to enable him to determine which cards have been removed from a shuffled pack.
  • Steve Jones with Droodlesp
  • Ali Cardabra will be tying himself and everyone else in knots.
  • Ian Adair's ever fertile mind has come up with three more commercial and entertaining paper-tearing presentations.
  • A Tales of two cities with James Ward
  • Ian Adair paddles into a novel variation of the classic Elusive Rabbits.
  • Alan Ward explains his presentation of a silly sausage to make you think. Not magic but something different for your children's shows.
  • Ian Adair produces a Happy Birthday message on the screen of an obviously non-electronic computer.
  • Peter d'Arcy completes his series with some more fun and games.
  • Peter Kane's best coincidence
  • The Full Monte by Tom Batchelor
  • Peter Duffie presents a pseudo gambling-explanation in which four completely blank cards transpose with four kings that are in your wallet.
  • Walt Lees is missing a card
  • Stephen Tucker submits Vic Bridle's take on the "T of S" prediction that he has been pursuing of late.
  • Werner Miller has two placed back into the pack, the other one not. The first is located and the second named. Not one, but three methods are described.

Issue 188
  • Geoff with news on the current magical scene
  • Steve Jones recounts amusing things children have said during his shows.
  • Malcolm Yaffe announces that he is giving up card tricks
  • Eddie Dawes surveys his Collector's Corner and some novel Christmas cards
  • John Rhodes filling his regular spot with magical news and comment from the lay press.
  • Have your say on our letters page
  • Walt Lees reviews a book that has not been on the Telly
  • JJ and friends
  • Kennedy's magical dictionary
  • Steve Zudeck's puzzle
  • Unclassified ads
  • Al Smith Through his window
  • Steve Jones presents the oddly titled A Tease of S!
  • Peter Duffie says: "It's in the stars!" as from a packet of cards, two spectators each remember one by a free choice. After allowing them to test their psychic powers, he divines both choices.
  • Peter Kane describes some ingenious faro faradiddling.
  • Werner Miller has a joker sandwiched between two face-up jacks on top of a packet. After a shuffle, a previously selected card is found sandwiched between the jacks, and the joker is on the bottom.
  • Alan Ward goes every step
  • Chris Wardle matches 3 cards
  • Ali Cardabra gambles with cards and dice
  • Ian Adair's Floppy Flower Show, a fun-filled Just Chance, angled towards the young.
  • Ian Adair introduces a mystery involving a children's card game, he also offers a paddle trick aimed at the same age group and a floppy flower show!
  • Tom Batchelor is into spinning coins and gives several methods as well as a couple of ideas using this principle.
  • Barrie Richardson comes up with yet another ingenious way of peeking messages written on a folded billet.
  • Alan Ward explains that gambling is sweet F.A.
  • Ron Chatbum with a wordy prediction
  • Steve Jones calls a magician a liar, and proves it!
  • Steve Zudeck challenges us with another of his magical jumble puzzles

Issue 189
  • News roundup with Geoff
  • Letters
  • Eddie Dawes collects his thoughts. Auctions and books come within his purview.
  • John Rhodes keeps us up to date on who is in the lay news and why.
  • Kennedy Smith's humorous "dictionary" reaches the letter C.
  • Alan Ward suggests that there really might be such a thing as real magic.
  • JJ with a curious tale of being in an unexpected place at an unexpected time by an unsuspecting magician.
  • Walt looks at magic on the Television and on (or in) the tested printed page
  • Steve Zudeck compiles another Magic Jumble Code.
  • Buy sell or swop in the unclassified column.
  • Put your society on the magical map right here.
  • Al Smith mumbles about pocket magical close-uppers.
  • Ian Adair updates the classic Wipe-out Card Revelation from Tarbell to use modern props in a stand-up performing situation.
  • Tom Batchelor gives us the Prince Charles Card Trick.
  • Peter Duffie says it is as Easy as ABC. A routine in which you and a spectator join forces to reveal how many red and black cards a second spectator holds.
  • Werner Miller offers his variant on Karl Fulves' Gemini Twins effect.
  • Peter Kane's Faro Five
  • Malcolm Yaffe generously describes his cherished Dark Arts Box
  • Ian Adair offers us his Passe Passe Paddles effect.
  • Ali Cardabra works creatively with elastic bands and a borrowed ring to create Bandoff Ring
  • Ron Chatburn has given Steve Zudeck's 'A Journey through Britannia' (from the November 2006 issue) an international flavour with his United Nations.
  • Barrie Richardson finally releases a superb demonstration of mind control, which has been a favourite of his for many years. Barrie at his best, and regular readers know how good that is!
  • Vic Bridle's Droodlegate
  • James Ward's delayed effect stand-up
  • Ian Adair narrates the romantic story of Mr Blue and Miss Pink.

Issue 190
  • All of the latest magical news and doings compiled for you by Geoff
  • Letters
  • Journal Review conducted by Eddie Dawes
  • More Letters
  • Buy, Sell or swop in our free unclassified adverts column
  • Magical Diary, put your club or society on the magical map
  • Kennedy Smith's amusing magical dictionary continues
  • Alan Ward speculates on the magical possibilities of smoke rings
  • Steve Zudeck sets another of his fiendish puzzles
  • Walt Lees reviews TV and books in TV or not TV
  • John Rhodes with all the magic news from the lay press
  • Sneak preview of the next issue
  • Tom Batchelor explains his approach to the legendary Centre Deal
  • Malcolm Yaffe offers 'Strip Teaser'
  • Peter Duffie gives one of his solutions to the so-called Hofzinser Card Problem
  • Peter Kane's Lazy Gambler is a highly entertaining piece of visual card chicanery
  • Wemer Miller has his own take on Peter Duffle's Free Will
  • Stephen Tucker offers an effect devised in conjunction with Andrew Hawkes
  • Gift Box prediction from Ali Cardabra
  • IQWORD by Steve Jones
  • Ian Adair with three items. First is a silk and wand effect, second has a musical Happy Birthday theme. Finally some funny bunny business with a live rabbit
  • Barrie Richardson reveals the workings of his Mesmer's Pencil, an effect which has fooled some of magic's leading practitioners
  • Ron Chatburn takes us on a grand world tour, using place names in an interesting experiment
  • James Ward offers his version of the classic Ted Danson Diary effect
  • Nu Spell-a-die from Arun Bonerjee

Issue 191
  • Geoff brings to you all of the latest news from the magical bush telegraph
  • Annual Competition the results and winners declared
  • Eddie Dawes escorte us around this year's Magic Collectors Association's Weekends Chicago
  • Kennedy Smith's sleightly tongue in cheek magical dictionary reaches the letter D
  • Eddie Dawes explains just what you missed in the rest of the magical press .
  • Steve Zudeck has another of his ingenious Magical Jumble Codes for you to solve.
  • Geoff has set a magic word Suduko puzzle for you to solve
  • Malcolm Yaffe and glitches
  • Buy, or sell in unclassified ads
  • What, where & when, your Society is on the Magical Map
  • Alan Ward's knowledge of science provides an ingenious way to make water apparently defy gravity.
  • Ian Adair offers his Drop Dead paper tear with a patter story of unrequited love. He also suggests an improvement on the age-old Silk Pedestal prop.
  • Ali Cardabra comes up with a stunningly visual, up to date card revelation using your mobile phone!
  • Three Blind Mates by Watt Lees
  • Ian Adair uses a steel tape measure as a very funny way to find a chosen card.
  • Peter Duffie sharpens a short sharp shock with his updated variation of the colour-changing pack.
  • Peter Kane has a faroised version of R. W. Hull's classic Card Puzzle effect
  • Tom Batchelor discloses his method of switching a five-card poker hand during piay.
  • Werner Miller makes three predictions, all of which seem weak... until the final surprise revelation!
  • Ian Adair combines a silk Blendo with a surprise rabbit production in a startling piece of magic.
  • Barrie Richardson with an extremely effective cabaret method for performing a Living & Dead Test
  • Arun Bonerjee presents his ingenious Month of Birth
  • Walt Lee's review column

Issue 192
  • Geoff Maltby with all the latest Magical News from around the world
  • Eddie Dawes brings all the latest from the collecting world.
  • Henrique with more from his world
  • Malcolm Yaffe considers magical comedy
  • John Rhodes keeps us up to date with who's in the lay news.
  • Kennedy Smith's dictionary reaches the letter F.
  • Alan Ward releases another curiosity from his files.
  • Peter Duffie offers an effect where you openly reverse any card in a shuffled pack. A spectator now freely selects any card and loses it in the middle of the pack. Your reversed card locates the selection.
  • Peter Kane explains a startling visual change of a selected card into a banknote.
  • Werner Miller shows how, from an ESP pack with varicoloured symbol sets all five symbols of one set are filtered out by spelling.
  • Barrie Richardson recounts the stranger's trick and tells you how to do it. A real fooler which will make people wonder if you really are in league with the Devil.
  • James Ward gives a demonstration of transmitting a real card by email.
  • Ali Cardabra has a really unique coins across.
  • Steve Jones proffers a card effect with the unlikely title of Westminster Abbey!
  • Walt Lees offers George's trick
  • Walt offers his very own sixty second deal
  • Ian Adair describes two versions of a fishy paper tear with a red herring. He also offers a clever tip with a bottomless glass and, for good measure, a see-through Massai Tube.
  • Aran Bonerjee presents New Era Esp
  • James Ward offers Mind Mate
  • James Wardle's Initial Success
  • Jim Breedon turns rags to riches

word count: 172381 which is equivalent to 689 standard pages of text

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