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The Magician (Club 71): 2006

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The Magician (Club 71): 2006 by Geoff Maltby

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Issue 175
  • News and Reviews with Geoff
  • Peter d'Arcy discusses the business of negotiating with bookers on the telephone
  • Malcolm Yaffe asks why bookers on the telephone can be so blessed awkward
  • Henrique tells it as it is — about backstage fiddlers, twiddlers and tinklers!
  • John Rhodes keeps us updated on magic in the newspapers
  • Eddie Dawes recounts the 9th Los Angeles Conference on Magic History
  • Patrick Lindley's historical diary
  • Letters — Your chance to have your say
  • Unclassified Ads. Buy Sell, swop or exchange
  • Magical event diary. Put your society on the magical map
  • JJ and a matter of fees
  • Al Smith carries on about regulation stuff and rounds off with a Bob Read story
  • Alexander Allen describes how to get blank looks, not from the audience but from the cards!
  • Peter Duffie teaches a Lessen (rather than a lesson) in downright Dishonesty
  • Stephen Tucker relays Andrew Hawke's More Life on Mars, an elegant multi-climax routine culminating in a four-ace discovery
  • Tom Batchelor produces an actual card shark from within a deck of cards
  • Walt Lees and his slow motion Four Ace Assembly
  • Peter Kane's original Single Shot
  • Ian Adair's divination of an odd and even separation
  • Werner Miller gives thanks to Fibonacci with a neat idea using a calculator
  • Barrie Richardson details his own method of accomplishing the Add-a-number Force.
  • Ali Cardabra is tying himself, or the audience, in knots with some neat rope work.
  • Walt gets to the knotty bottom of Tom Bachelor's rope tie from the June issue
  • Ali Bongo with an update and ingenious new presentation for last month's All's square in the magic calendar
  • Ian Adair with a colour changing wine bottle and a production of a glass finale
  • Ian also offers an amusing commercial routine with a 'pear' of socks!
  • Alan Ward explains how to liven up the party with balloon battles

Issue 176
  • News and Reviews around the world of magic with Geoff Maltby
  • Eddie Dawes reviews the latest magical journals
  • Letters — Your chance to have your say
  • Patrick Lindiey's historical diary
  • Unclassified Ads. Plug, Buy, Sell, Swop or Exchange
  • Magical event diary. Put your society on the magical map
  • John Rhodes keeps us updated on magic in the newspapers
  • Henrique recounts some of his adventures during his recent foray into the giddy world of television stardom.
  • Tricks of the Trade with Geoff - a useful tip from the Repro Magic work shops
  • Al Smith considers the problems of juggling effect against method and why many magicians often fail to get the balance right
  • Walt Lees with book and TV reviews
  • Aran Bonerjee's grandfather clock divination, which had to be held over last month, has been rewound to make an appearance.
  • Werner Miller has originated an extremely clever ESP divination using his ORAF principle.
  • Steve Jones with a detailed and comprehensive round up on the subject of Magic Squares which has been taxing many of us in recent issues
  • Ian Adair is taking two chances. His first offering is a Just Chance effect, which cleverly adapts a principle more commonly associated with productions and vanishes to ensure that the spectators cannot win. His second version is the classic presentation using three envelopes on a tray — but it is a clear Perspex tray that the audience can see right through!
  • Ali Cardabra offers a completely new method for the rising card off ribbon classic. It is bold, subtle and oh so simple.
  • Peter Duffie this month brings two Royal Enigmas — a nicely routined double bill of popular plots.
  • Vic Bridle outlines his solution to the Three Mates problem posed and answered by Stephen Tucker in the December issue.
  • Peter Kane finds the Faros as we continue with our series by this prolific innovator
  • James Ward declares that he cannot tell a lie
  • Tom Batchelor returns with some more clever rope magic. This month he explains how to tie a clever, instantaneous figure eight knot

Issue 177
  • News and Reviews around the world of magic with Geoff Maltby
  • Eddie Dawes keeps us abreast with the latest happenings in the field of collecting.
  • John Rhodes delivers all the latest news of magical interest
  • Malcolm Yaffe reminds us of a secret of misdirection we sometimes forget
  • Henrique on the troublesome matter of exposure and whether to wear a mask!
  • Peter d'Arcy describes more of the party games he uses in his professional work.
  • Letters, your chance to have your say
  • Patrick Lindley's Magical diary for March
  • Magic diary, put your society on the magical map
  • Unclassified ads. Buy, sell or swop
  • Al Smith and a pocketful of mumbles
  • JJ and a famous American magician he met in Italy
  • Walt Lees reviews Escapology on the Telly
  • This year's competition prize winners
  • Peter Duffie has an ingenious mystery where the values of three cards combine to reveal the identity of the fourth — a selected one.
  • Peter Kane's original and ingenious Incredible Shrinking Card Case is reprised.
  • Werner Miller comes up with a very clever and novel ESP matching theme.
  • Stephen Tucker—shares a clever, spectacular, but oh so very easy to do playing card lévitation.
  • Alan Ward shows how to be a Brilliant Mindreader — But only sometimes!
  • Ian Adair indulges in Whisky Galore.
  • Alexander Allen is involved in some fishy business with a Thumb Tip.
  • Tom Wilkinson introduces a brilliant visible penetration of a pencil through a rubber band.
  • Ian Adair offers his Do as I Do Topsy Turvey Wands.
  • Ali Cardabra deceives the eye with a clever performance optical illusion using modelling balloons
  • Walt Lees contributes Deck Hand — but you can perform it over board as well.

Issue 178
  • News and Reviews conducted by Geoff
  • Al Smith recounts an uptown story about fees for lecturing.
  • Eddie Dawes summarises what the magical press has on offer.
  • Patrick Lindley's magical historical diary
  • John Rhodes keeps us abreast of how magic is being seen in the mass media.
  • Letters. Have your say and put it right or put your view
  • Howzat?! Our new puzzle series
  • Magical Event Diary
  • Unclassified Ads. Buy sell & swop
  • What's in store next month
  • Ali Cardabra finds yet another entertaining way to apply optical illusions to stand-up magic with an account of two knights and their quest for the Holy Grail.
  • Ian Adair has an off-beat approach to Torn & Restored using a packet of paper tissues.
  • Max Maven goes around in circles and still he gets there in the end
  • Peter Duffie shows how a spectator can find two matching cards without knowing how.
  • Werner Miller's clever concept is one where the roll of a die decides which cards will appear in a poker hand.
  • Stephen Tucker describes a matching card effect using four letter words!
  • Walt Lees has a touch of the Psychomatrix
  • Peter Kane offers red and blue and oily water
  • Malcolm Yaffe generously shares a feature-length magical pantomime presentation that could be the hit of your show next Christmas — but you will need to assemble the props and give it the rehearsal it deserves. So now is the time to get started!
  • Alan Ward explains how to gain membership of the Polar Bears Club.
  • Ian Adair has devised something very unusual for the holiday-camp or cruise-ship entertainer. It is a sequence which builds up during the course of two consecutive shows before the same audience.
  • Steve Jones' square numbers. A curious mathematical oddity for the curious
  • Ali Bongo elucidates further on magical squares with a routine in which the magic square is almost incidental

Issue 179
  • News on the Magic Scene conducted by Geoff
  • Letters. Have your say
  • Henrique relates more about the world of TV stardom
  • Al Smith reveals why he has decided to give up sleight of hand
  • Malcolm Yaffe ponders on when a trick is not a trick, or how we sometimes create the illusion of magic without doing anything magical
  • Unclassified Ads. Buy Sell, Swop or inform
  • Society Magical Event Diary
  • Eddie Dawes has all the latest news on the collecting front.
  • John Rhodes keeps us abreast of who has been in the news.
  • Patrick Lindley's Historical Magical Diary
  • Hoozat? Our fun puzzle to name our readers
  • What we have planned in store for you in the next issue
  • Alexander Allen reveals a card using a magic eye.
  • Ian Adair has a card-matching coincidence effect with a surprise kicker at the end, when the backs of all the un-chosen cards suddenly acquire the value of the selected ones.
  • Ali Cardabra shows considerable clever-ness when the Loch Ness Monster turns into a chosen card.
  • Peter Duffie has a spectator cutting the four aces as a lead-in to an ace assembly.
  • Peter Kane plays Follow the Leader with different-coloured backs.
  • Walt Lees starts Remote Collecting
  • Werner Miller offers a magical version of Sex in the City.
  • Stephen Tucker passes on a clever combination of the Trick that Fooled Einstein and a four ace location devised by Andrew Hawkes.
  • Ian Adair confuses all with a beaker and a silk which cannot seem to decide what colours they are supposed to be.
  • Steve Jones has an interesting couple of mathematical mysteries — a numbers game you cannot lose and a way of locating a finger ring.
  • Alan Ward reminds us how to hypnotise a chicken — assuming you want to!
  • Colour Signal from Arun Bonerjee
  • Phone Home by Paul Temple a modern method for the classic telephone telepathy trick
  • Word Association. Chris Wardle uses the magic of symbiotograms

Issue 180
  • Eddie Dawes reviews the journals.
  • Some of your letters.
  • Henrique gets lumbered with dozens of balloon models, and nearly tells an old lady where his cat puts the batteries!
  • JJ has a salutary fairy tale from the wagon—and not one with a happy ending.
  • Walt Lees tells the experts where they are wrong!
  • John Rhodes keeps us abreast of who is making the news.
  • Al Smith is not willing to suspend his disbelief.
  • Steve Jones plays cat & mouse in a nursery saga.
  • Malcolm Yaffe gives his yellup presentation of a trick usually associated with adult performers.
  • Ali Cardabra says "It's only a rose."
  • Ian Adair offers a sucker colour-changing silk and a positively negative paper tear.
  • Peter Duffie is matchmaking with two spectators and some very sharp thinking.
  • Peter Kane's classic Jazz Aces is reprised. One of the all-time great card effects
  • Max Maven conquers the four kings with aces.
  • Werner Miller is betwixt ingenious subtlety and a clever location of two selected cards.
  • Daniel de Urquiza reveals a spectator's psychic attraction.
  • Andrew Hawkes offers an invisible idiot, courtesy of Steven Tucker.
  • Alan Ward has a clever number prediction that is easy to do and adaptable.
  • Alexander Allen comes forth with a mental card mystery

Issue 181
  • News and Reviews around the world of magic with Geoff Maltby
  • Eddie Dawes conducts Collecting Thoughts.
  • Letters — Your chance to have your say
  • Walt's review of the 2006 Magic Cruise
  • FISM 2006 competition results
  • Unclassified Ads. Plug, Buy, Sell, Swop or Exchange
  • John Rhodes keeps us updated on magic in the newspapers
  • Henrique recounts some of his adventures in a dodgy Greek Diner.
  • Walt Lees with book and TV reviews
  • JJ tells of a magically related Spanish maniac, police driver
  • Sneak preview of what is planned for the next issue
  • Barrie Richardson with a double deception and the 'dual reality principle'
  • Steve Jones with a minimum of sleight of hand, Ed Marlo working.
  • Ian Adair plays noughts and crosses
  • A Spelling Bee from Ian Adair. A clever and novel variation on the classic card spelling idea
  • Peter Duffie is on a roll!
  • Alan Ward recounts Mr Smiley's weird adventures
  • Ali Cardabra with his "Pinetration" a clever variation on a well known effect
  • Werner Miller with a family affair
  • Peter Kane and a Bare Faced Swindle
  • Steve Jones and a very ambitious traveller
  • Jim Breedon's Willy loves to go awandering
  • Peter d'Arcy continues his series on the art of entertaining children from a professional viewpoint
  • Spiders on the Sticks by Malcolm Yaffe

Issue 182
  • News and Reviews around the world of magic with Geoff Maltby
  • Eddie Dawes reviews the latest magical journals
  • Letters — Your chance to have your say
  • Patrick Lindley's historical diary
  • Unclassified Ads. Plug, Buy, Sell, Swop or Exchange
  • Malcolm Yaffe examines one of the many possible reasons why some magicians seem better able to engage with their audiences than do others, and offers a new theory to partially explain the difference in their effectiveness
  • John Rhodes keeps us updated on magic in the newspapers
  • Walt Lees with book and TV reviews
  • Henrique takes a sideways look at stage fright and its effects
  • Arun Bonerjee's has a psychic divination involving ESP cards and lucky numbers
  • Barrie Richardson produces a series of amazing coinddences also using ESP symbols but these are on Poker Chips
  • Paul Temple with his lovers
  • Ian Adair offers a nifty paddle routine with arrows.
  • James Ward declares that he cannot tell a lie
  • James Ward with Fortitude for the Boys
  • Ron Chatburn poses a mathematical puzzler about sawing a lady in half
  • Alan Ward questions the odds against winning a seemingly simple game
  • Ian Adair changes a pack of cards into a bunch of flowers
  • Tom Batchelor describes his Pinwheel Flourish.
  • Peter Duffie presents a neat sequence involving four aces, a selected card and its matching partner.
  • Steve Jones reveals a flashy but not difficult way to produce the aces, which would make a good intro to Peter's item.
  • Werner Miller mystifies with another of his ingenious selfworking mathematical card discoveries.
  • Ian Adair has a Web Sight — nothing to do with computers, everything to do with spiders.
  • Ali Cardabra reveals how to produce silks etc. from a plain piece of paper in an almost impromptu-seeming manner.
  • Chris Wardle presents a magic menu
  • Sneak Preview of what is planned for the Halloween issue

Issue 183
  • News and Reviews of the current magic scene hosted by Geoff
  • Eddie Dawes keeps us abreast of trie latest developments in the collecting world.
  • Intrepid newshound John Rhodes scans the media to tell us who is doing what.
  • Your contributions can win prizes. Here is How.
  • Walt Lees Reviews recent Magical TV coverage in Great Britain
  • A round up of the recent British Ring Convention at Eastbourne
  • Alan Ward's psychosomatic shaman Wart Hunt
  • Magic Events. Put your Society on the Magical Map
  • Buy, Sell, Swop or announce.
  • Unclassified Ads.
  • Barrie Richardson bets money on a spectator randomly locating a selected card, and wins every time.
  • Vic Bridle Collects! With the help of Doctor Who!
  • Ian Adair offers 'Shifty Sheres' an effect inspired by 'Werry of Germany'
  • A Great Deal of Thought is the name of Peter Duffie's offering and no doubt a great deal of thought has gone into it. Peter describes it as "Two selections = one discovery and one surprise".
  • Artist, inventor, sleever and movician Alexander Allen describes a subtle three-way false cut—and you do not have to be wearing a jacket to do it!
  • Walt Lees offers Jazz without Alex Emsley's Ghost Count
  • James Ward offers his second best trick
  • Werner Miller changes the position of two planets
  • Ian Adair adapts an old prop and principle for a clever multiple billet switch.
  • Arun Bonerjee with a word illusion
  • Faked knots. Just when you think there could be no more variations on this particular theme, up steps Ali Cardabra with a totally new and revolutionary concept.
  • A pot of flowers becomes a bottle of wine, to an amusing patter story from the prolific Ian Adair

Issue 184
  • News & Reviews by Geoff
  • Henrique describes being upstaged (or rather uptabled) by a female spectator.
  • Peter D'Arcy with Party games and Paul Daniels with an Indian Rope
  • Your submissions can win prizes
  • Al Smith peers through the back window at the pass
  • Magical event Diary. Put your society on the magical map
  • Buy, sell, swop or inform with this free reader service
  • Malcolm Yaffe reviews Carter Beats the Devil
  • John Rhodes rounds up all the news of magical interest from the lay press
  • Don't miss out. Here's a sneak preview of what we have in store for the Christmas issue
  • Ian Adair's spiral selection combines an optical illusion with a card revelation. Ian also contributes a clever card through card penetration.
  • Alexander Allen asks you to just say yes.
  • Ron Chatburn revives an ancient but little-known selfworking effect which will probably be new to many. It was to us.
  • Peter Duffie enters a mind field, rather than a minefield, but equally explosive.
  • Steve Jones's ace production
  • Werner Miller says that producing four of a kind is a classic card plot, but in his routine, the production is broken into two parts and combined by the location of a selected card.
  • Ali Cardabra has a colour changing silk effect which uses a well-known gimmick in an unusual way.
  • Barrie Richardson shares his "quiet opener" — a low key but audience involving opening number.
  • Alan Ward delves into the realms of wet magic, including skinny dipping but only with matches!
  • Steve Zudeck has compiled a series of word puzzles which we will be running on a regular basis.
  • Ian Adair modifies a classic handkerchief vanishing prop to make it into a switching device for a colour change.
  • A journey through Britain with Steve Zudeck

Issue 185
  • Geoff reviews this month's news
  • Henrique relates more of his adventures and misadventures in the world of table hopping.
  • Al Smith has some thoughts on copying books and DVDs.
  • Alan Ward intercepts some of Santa's mail.
  • Eddie Dawes hotfoots it back from America to give us the latest updates of interest to collectors — and others.
  • John Rhodes as usual has been gleaning the media to tell us who has been doing what.
  • Steve Zudeck provides another magical jumble code.
  • Your contribution can win prizes. Here's how
  • Unclassified ads. Sell, buy, swop or promote
  • Alexander Allen offers a spectator a chance to win some money, but always manages to keep it himself!
  • Ali Cardabra has a completely self-working selected card in envelope.
  • Tom Batchelor explains his Speck of Dust colour change.
  • Walt Lees predicts two chosen cards under impossible conditions.
  • Werner Miller spells the name of his card to locate two selected ones.
  • Barrie Richardson has developed a version of Robert-Houdin's Light & Heavy chest for close up — And there are no electromagnets!
  • Malcolm Yaffe uses a ferret to ferret out a chosen card - with the aid of a fail-safe box and a show-stopping comedy routine guaranteed to get the girls screaming!
  • Ian Adair vanishes a ballbearing in a paper tube.
  • Peter Duffie forsakes the cards for an ingenious prediction involving numbers.
  • Ian Adair conjures up two more items. The first adds to the range of tricks in which paper money increases — The second is a quickie where a Houdini-like silk instantly escapes from between two tumblers held together mouth to mouth by elastic bands.
  • Chris Wardle—This and That
  • John Wilder's Morphic Resonance
  • Steve Jones with more information on Magic Squares
  • Max Maven is Slying in Wait

word count: 283055 which is equivalent to 1132 standard pages of text

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