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Club 71: 1989
by Geoff Maltby

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Club 71: 1989 by Geoff Maltby
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Issue 39
  • Walt Lees Editorial
  • Variations on a Theme: The Monte Christo Card Continues
  • Subscription Information: How to keep it coming
  • Competition: You chance to win big prizes
  • Basic Card Technique: Another Top Change by Tony Jackson
  • Kiddies Column: with Richard Stupple's routine for Giant and Dwarf
  • Computer Magic: Part two of Walt's Quick on the Draw
  • Juggling Jottings: Bob Menary continues this useful series
  • Pronto Card To Wallet: Our serialisation of Hugh Miller's 'Al Koran's Legacy'
  • Punch and Judy: musings by Ron Denton
  • The Sword of Fate by James Breedon
  • Funny Fings that persist in happening to Len Belmont
  • The Pyramid Force from Steve Jones
  • The Nightmare Deck: an unusual offering from the Lovell Lad
  • News and Reviews: in and around the studio with Geoff
  • Question is Answered: revisited by Ace mentalist Barrie Richardson
  • Magical Diary: who, what, when and where
  • We Don't Want to Loose You: A thought provoking article from Walt Lees about canellations
  • Letters Page: your chance to air your views
  • Collector's Corner: conducted by Patrick Lindley on movie magic, together with an article about Joseffy by Peter Warlock

Issue 40
  • Walt Lees Editorial
  • Kiddies Column: controlling difficult audiences by Brian Eden
  • Silver Sorcery by Jim Breedon
  • Money-Box Magic by Arthur Setterington
  • Computer Bits and Pieces: harness the new technology
  • A Sweet Cigarette by Melvin Lehair
  • Basic Card Technique: continues with the 'Smile' count
  • Chinese Chouse by Sebastian Cody
  • Juggling Jottings: part four
  • Simon Says: Simon recalls and reviews the Blackpool convention
  • Reviews and News around the studio by Geoff
  • Barrie Richardson continues to provide top rate mental magic
  • Bar Magic: More practical pub puzzles from Geoff
  • Hearts of Controversy by Walt Lees
  • Bare Hand Coin Vanish from Koran's Legacy
  • Subscriptions: how to keep it coming
  • Quick Knot That's Not by Angelo Carbone
  • Les McClean with another routine for Card in Balloon Sword
  • Collector's Corner conducted by Patrick Lindley
  • Competition: your chance to win big prizes
  • The Lunatrick by Tony Richards

Issue 41
  • Walt Lees final editorial
  • KIDDIES COLUMN - Entertaining the modern child by Brian Eden.
  • It must be antigravity by James Breedon
  • Straight from the dragon's mouth by Ali Cardabra
  • Card Sessions by Tom Hughes
  • The Satanic Vices by Walt Lees
  • Simon Lovell's Column
  • Two presentations for Baffling Bows by Steve Jones
  • Ventriloquism - A New Series from Len Belmont
  • Basic Card Technique: this time the Zarrow Shuffle
  • News and Reviews around the Studio with Geoff
  • The Locked Deck: an alternative presentation by Steve Sinclair
  • Giant Cigarette Production by Melvin Lehair
  • Close-up Magic by Stephen Tucker
  • Juggling. Part five in the series
  • The Very Last Chance by Barrie Richardson
  • Another Book Test by Magini of Ipswich
  • Competition - Your chance to get rich
  • Here and there by Arthur Setternngton
  • Collectors' Corner: Conducted by Patrick Lindley
  • Who do they think they are kidding? By Malcolm Yaffe

Issue 42
  • Club 71 Versus the People
  • Kiddies Column - Brian Eden continues his intriguing series on entertaining the modern child
  • Where is the Ring by Jim Breedon
  • Letters. Your chance to have your say
  • Competition. Your chance to win big prizes
  • Cassette and other gags by Steve Jones
  • Basic Card Technique: The Row Force by Phil Goldstein
  • Tales from Tucker ... Stephen continues his musings
  • Svengali Subtlety by Nigel Row
  • Beer right on the night by Tony Richards
  • The Card Challenge by Arthur Setterington
  • News in and around the Studio with Geoff
  • Snoops Scoops by our special correspondent
  • Cigarettes from nowhere by Melvin Lehair
  • Juggling Part six in this popular series
  • Barrie Richardson with the trick that fooled Einstein
  • Collector's Corner conducted by Patrick Lindley with contributions from Peter Lane, Stanley Simpson and Bill Channel
  • Part Two of Len Belmont's series on Ventriloquism

Issue 43
  • Basic Card Technique: The Jordan Count
  • Kiddies Column: Entertaining the Modern Child
  • Usurping the Clown by Ronnie Townsend
  • Phonecard by Robert Cox
  • Zig-Zag Can by Donald Monk
  • Another Card in Balloon Sword by Keith Downs
  • Len Belmont continues his popular series on vent.
  • Open Competition. Win big Prizes
  • Peter and Paul Billiard Balls by Steve Jones
  • Snoops Scoops, More magical scandal
  • Juggling. Bob Menary contributes part 7
  • Double Prediction by Arthur Setterington
  • News in and around the studio with Geoff
  • Mental Magic by Barrie Richardson and Eric Mason
  • Should Comedy be used in a Magic Act? by Anthony Owen
  • Twin Departuesque by Richard Gamble
  • Simon Says all about the British Ring Convention.
  • Collectors' Corner conducted by Patrick Lindley

Issue 44
  • Kiddies Column: Brian Eden continues his important series
  • The Magic Purse by Jim Breedon
  • Card Sessions: A Spread Control and Detective card by Robert Gardner
  • Yafforisms!
  • On a Date: Mental Magic by David Kurn
  • Competition: Win Big Prizes.
  • Readers Letters: Your chance to let it all hang out
  • Unclassified Ads: Buy Sell Swop
  • Cabaret Time: It's Me (No2) by Solyl Kundu of India
  • Snoops Scoops: The continuing story of Magic's first soap
  • Juggling Jottings Part Eight by Bob Menary
  • 'How much is that Dummy in the Window?' Vent. Part 4 from Len Belmont
  • A Fisher of Talent? Magical Musings from Walt Lees
  • You are a special person by Ace Mentalist Barrie Richardson
  • Subscription Information: How to keep it coming
  • Kicker Colour Change by Melvin Lehair
  • Improved Spike through Balloon by Angelo Carbone
  • Forced To - a clever card coincidence from Ron Escott
  • Reviews and News around the studio conducted by Geoff
  • Simon Says: Simon Lovell responds to an article in the Halloween issue
  • Collectors' Corner edited by Patrick Lindley

word count: 139390 which is equivalent to 557 standard pages of text