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Club 71: 1990

by Geoff Maltby

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Club 71: 1990 by Geoff Maltby
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Issue 45
  • Kiddies Column: Brian Eden continues his series, entertaining the modern child, Part six - assistants
  • OOOOH AN' 'E WAS STRONG: A Kids routine from Walt Lees
  • Open Competition Big Money Prizes
  • Basic Card Technique continues with the Kosky Switch Change
  • Letters. Your chance to say exactly what you want
  • Letters Writs and Court Cases arising from 'The Bodgit'
  • Magic of the Mind: Steve Jones contributes a smashing, intimate mental effect
  • Snoop's Scoops: Magic's only soap continues with Saucy Sausage secrets and Mr McCulture's box
  • Coin in Balloon: A clever variation on a theme from the prolific Angelo Carbone
  • Ventriloquism. Part five of Len Belmont's series on doing it to yourself
  • Unclassified ads. Buy, Sell, Swop. Your free Club information exchange.
  • Magic at work. John Fisher and the 'Best of Magic Series'
  • Catalogue supplement. 1990 Price List
  • Variations on a theme. Roy Johnson replies to Simon Lovell
  • Simon Lovell with Snap Lap. An impromptu coin effect you will use
  • Have you ever heard of? An unusual card effect by Melvin Lehair
  • Black holes...A different routine for the spot paddles from Don Simpson
  • Juggling. Lesson nine with the ball and mouthstick
  • Barrie Richardson offers his Mental Knockout
  • News and Reviews around the studio conducted by Geoff
  • Collectors' Corner and an interloper creeps in
  • Subscription information. How to keep it coming
  • What's in the next issue? Don't miss out

Issue 46
  • Kids Column. Brian Eden continues his series on entertaining the modern child with part seven.
  • The Long and the Short of it by Walt Lees
  • Patrick's Page with ideas on the use of the Mirror Tube
  • Competition: Your chance to win Big Prizes
  • Henriques' Dew Drops. We welcome Henrique to these pages with the first of an occasional series
  • Mental Magic. Another smashing offering from our resident guru, Barrie Richardson
  • Snoops Scoops continues with more news from magic's very own soap
  • Twisting the Aces Problem: A neat offering from Melvin Lehair
  • Memories of Oscar's The first in a series of recollections from Magician and P&J Professor, John Styles
  • Cabaret Time. The Miser's Silk with another guest appearance by Ali Cardabra
  • Steve's Teaser - A Question of Magic and Logic from Steve Jones
  • Subscription Information. How to keep it coming
  • Back issues to fill those gaps
  • Juggling by Bob Menary - Stick and Balls and Goblet
  • It's White or Red? Candle Magic by Angelo Carbone
  • Unclassified Ads. Buy, Sell and Swop
  • Ventriloquism. Len Belmont continues with part six
  • Next Issue Sneak preview of what's in store
  • Basic Card Technique: This time the Tent Vanish
  • Simon Lovell with a round up of the Blackpool Convention
  • News and Reviews around the studio conducted by Geoff
  • Collectors' Corner Patrick blows off the dust for us again

Issue 47
  • CHILDREN'S COLUMN. Part 8 of Brian Eden's Series.
  • A NEW BALLOON TWIST - Steve Mills with an entertaining and original children's effect
  • CHEEKY RING: An unusual Ring on Rope routine from Ali Cardabra
  • MEMORIES OF OSCARS' Part two of John Styles' trip down Memory Lane.
  • CABARET OUT OF THIS WORLD: Barrie Richardson with more Mental Magic
  • STEVE'S TEASER: A Tortuous Brain Damaging puzzle from our own Steve Jones, the guy who plays chess without a board.
  • CLOSE UP COMPETITIONS. Musings from Stephen Tucker
  • CRAB SANDWICH! Close-up Card Magic, this month by Melvin Lehair
  • COMPETITION: Your chance to win Big Prizes!
  • JUGGLING JOTTINGS: Bob Menary tells you what to do with three plates
  • STICK WITH SALLY: Angelo Carbone with a clever variation on Peter Kane's 'Sally'
  • HENRIQUE'S DEW DROPS: More pearls of wisdom dropping like the quality of mercy, though unstrained
  • NEWS and Theatrical Tales, though not of Hoffman
  • LETTERS: Your chance to tell us just what you think!
  • SNOOPS' SCOOPS: more from magic's only Soap Opera
  • BACK ISSUES: Your chance to find out what you have missed
  • ORIGINAL SCENE: Walt Lees with some thought provoking comments about originality
  • STEVE'S TEASER Solution - Your chance to cheat if you couln't solve it
  • SIMON SAYS: This issue Money Magic
  • VENTRILOQUISM: Len Belmont continues his D.I.Y Schizophrenia course
  • COLLECTOR'S CORNER: Patrick tells how he spent a wet weekend at Cheltenham

Issue 48
  • CHILDREN'S COLUMN: Part 9 of Brian Eden's Series.
  • LOTTA BOTTLE by Jim Breedon Another grand kids' routine
  • CARD SESSIONS with a clever offering from Steven Tucker
  • VENTRILOQUISM: Len Belmont with part 8 of his two voiced series
  • MEMORIES OF OSCAR: Part three of John Styles' autobiographical series
  • SNOOPS SCOOPS. Herbie Loudvoice has trouble with H.M. Customs
  • COIN/CARD MAGIC by Melvin LeHair
  • JUGGLING JOTTINGS: Bob Menary continues and tells us what to do with three plates
  • LETTERS: Your chance to tell us what you think!
  • NEWS AND REVIEWS from around the studios
  • NEXT ISSUE. See what's afoot
  • CREATIVITY: A most interesting concept from Steve Jones
  • CLUEDO: A cute cabaret mental masterpiece from Brian Pearson
  • SNAP: Tim Dibbin and a pair of enchanted elastics
  • HENRIQUE'S DEW DROPS: Your favourite dealer is slagged of in what could be the last of a promising series!
  • 1989 COMPETITION WINNERS: And Geoff tops up the prize pot
  • SIMON SAYS: This month Cards 'n Wallets 'n stuff
  • RESYMBOL E.S.P. Magic conceived by Phil Goldstein
  • COLLECTORS' CORNER: Patrick is joined by Peter Warlock and Stanley Simpson

Issue 49
  • KIDDIES COLUMN: The Miser's Dream for Children by Maurice Phillips
  • ENTERTAINING THE MODERN CHILD: Part 10 by Brian Eden covers 'Magical Creativity'
  • LETTERS: Your chance to have your say
  • THE MULTI-BACKED DECK by Jim Breedon is a clever, yet easy and different card effect
  • HENRIQUE'S DEWDROPS: Clever kids, silly agents and retirement!
  • MENTAL MAGIC: Barrie Richardson shows how to have Any card at any number
  • JUGGLING: Part 13 in this comprehensive teaching series covers the roly poly without jam
  • TWISTING BEER MATS by Elliot Fawkes covers the mats without the beer
  • SIMON SAYS: Young Lovell gives the lowdown on the IBM Convention (lots of beer there)
  • NEWS AND REVIEWS from around the studio (no beer at all)
  • COMPETITION: Your chance to win Big Prizes!
  • PREDIC2 - Magic of the mind by Phil Goldstein
  • SHARP PRACTICE - The first of an Important New Series for the serious card men, conducted by Justin Higham.
  • VENTRILOQUISM: Len Belmont up to his eyes in papier mache in chapter 9
  • SNOOPS SCOOPS: Animals on the prowl at Flatchester
  • MEMORIES OF OSCARS': In Part Four of John Styles series Mr Punch misses the draft
  • SPONGE COINS: Melvin LeHair does a coin trick with sponges!
  • THE MAGICIAN'S PRAYER by 'Brother' Steve Mills
  • COLLECTORS' CORNER: conducted by Patrick Lindley with a spiritualist's view of Maskelyne

Issue 50
  • KIDDIES COLUMN: A Brand new routine for the Emperor's piggy Bank
  • LETTERS PAGE: Your turn to have a go!
  • HENRIQUE'S DEWDROPS: This month he ponders devices, aids and shady dealers
  • VENTRILOQUISM: Len Belmont gets the little blighter working
  • STEVE JONES' Christmas teaser. Try this before you get stuck into the Christmas sherry
  • ILLUSION: Spot the Spots with Philip Sweeting
  • HOW TO SUCCEED IN MAGIC: First in an important new series about the Business of Magic
  • AGENDA: Didier Dupre with a clever diary dodge
  • MENTOPATHY. Mental Magic from the prolific Angelo Carbone
  • NEWS AND REVIEWS: around the studio with Geoff
  • CHOPPED PRICES: Melvin LeHair with clever Chop Cup Routine
  • SHARP PRACTISE: Justin Higham's card column for the more expert card workers
  • SIMON SAYS: This month Lovell is fingered(!)
  • SUBSCRIPTION INFO. How to keep it coming.
  • SOLUTION to Steve's Teaser. Cheats turn to this page.
  • CABARET TIME: We welcome back Tony Richards with "Re-incardation"
  • THE NEBRASKA BLIZZARD. Barrie Richardson explains how quick thing got him out of a hole - or did it?
  • PREVIEW: See what's in store for 1991
  • COLLECTORS' CORNER: This issue Patrick Corners Stanley Simpson and Robin Sharpe

word count: 152629 which is equivalent to 610 standard pages of text

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