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Club 71: 1991
by Geoff Maltby

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Club 71: 1991 by Geoff Maltby
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Issue 51
  • BALLOON MODELLING. A comprehensive course for every entertainer by Walt Lees
  • KIDDIES COLUMN. The Diminishing Cards routined for Children with Jim Breedon
  • STAGE TABLE. Easily made when you follow Brian Eden's Sound and Practical Advice
  • SHARP PRACTISE. More Serious Card Work collected by Justin Higham
  • PUNCH SWAZZLE FOR TABLE-HOPPERS? Graham Clarke shows you when and where!
  • VENTRILOQUISM. Len Belmont continues this issue with Chapter 11 in the Series
  • SNOOPS SCOOPS: Coaching at the Spaghetti Acadamy
  • SIMON SAYS. Cute n Clever Colour Changing Cards!
  • NEWS In and Around the Studio with Geoff, plus reviews of all the latest effects
  • SELLING YOURSELF. Part 2 in this important series by Steve Jones to make you rich!
  • THE MAGICIAN'S PRAYER BOOK: Tony Richards outdoes Max Bygraves!
  • OPEN COMPETITION. How to win Loads of money!
  • HENRIQUE'S DEWDROPS. More sad stories
  • DON'T BAN THE BANDS: Close-up with Malcolm Yaffee
  • THE IMPOSSIBLE FORCE by Barrie Richardson
  • COLLECTOR'S COLUMN. Patrick changes his name and is joined by Robin Sharpe

Issue 52
  • Kiddies Column this time from Steve Jones with his Knight of the Bath'
  • Steve Jones again with a method for making serious money from magic
  • Aran Bonerjee from India with Expired Mentalism
  • Letters - Your chance to have your say
  • Len Belmont with part 12 in our Vent series
  • Competition. Your chance to win serious money
  • Cabaret Match Producer by Brian Eden
  • Snoops Scoops: This time with Middle Eastern Magic
  • News and Reviews around the studio with Geoff
  • Mental Motor - A simple, direct Miracle from our own Barrie Richardson
  • What comes next? Sneak preview of next issue
  • The Card Not In Wallet by Malcolme Yaffe
  • Simon Lowell shows us his Little Jiddler'
  • Nightmare Scenario A clever variation for the Professor's Nightmare
  • Subscription Information: How to keep it coming
  • Henrique's Dewdrops continue to drip
  • Mental Stuff from Stephen Tucker
  • Juggling part 15 where Bob shows all the things he can do with his three balls
  • Patrick changes his nomenclature and indicates the past

Issue 53
  • Kiddies Kolumn - Steve Jones Raids the Emperor's Piggy Bank
  • Arun Bonerjee asks "What's in a name?"
  • Henrique ponders the romance of magic
  • ....of Suits and Sales and Slagging Jokes - Walt Lees ponders on the unromantic current Magic scene
  • Instant Coin Production - a clever application for your old coin in bottle gimmick by Angelo Carbone
  • Simon Lovell's Column. This month some thoughts and more clever close up magic
  • Ventriloquism, part 13 - The final chapter - getting your body together!
  • News, views and gossip in and around the studio conducted by Geoff
  • In the next issue, what's coming
  • Mental Magic - Coin and Currency Divination. Another brilliant effect from resident guru Barrie Richardson
  • KIPPER SOCKST by Rob Dobson - nuff said!
  • THE NOISE OF THE WOE - Snoops Scoops Shock Horror Convention Special Expose
  • Justin Higham's Sharp Practise - get your fingers around this
  • Malcolm Yaffe with Variations on Simon Lovell's Fingered'
  • Patrick Indicates the past with another penetrating insight into the magic of yester-year

Issue 54
  • ORIENTAL SILVER a new routine and presentation by Ron Escort
  • CHRIS VAN BERN & the Qwerty Myth Revisited
  • A TAP DANCING TRIO by Graham S Clarke
  • YCLIP a clever idea with a funny title from Phil Goldstein
  • PITY THE POOR PUNTER by Kennedy Smith
  • SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF by Barrie Richardson
  • COMPETITION your chance to win big prizes
  • SIMON SAYS It's not what you do
  • NEWS & VIEWS in and around the studio with Geoff
  • SHARP PRACTISE Flip Flourish Triumph by Justin Higham.
  • NEW FOR OLD First in a new series by Ali Cardabra
  • HOW TO SUCCEED IN MAGIC Part 5, Telephone bookings by Steve Jones
  • HENRIQUE'S DEW DROPS continue to drip!
  • TRUE OR FALSE by Arun Bonerjee
  • PAST INDICATIVE Part two of Patrick's comparison of conjurors and spiritualists

Issue 55
  • Kiddies Column. Story Time with Hoots the Clown
  • Subscriptions - How to keep it coming
  • Henrique's Dew drops drippeth still
  • Mental Magic with a confession, a revelation and a card trick from Stephen Tucker
  • Ali Cardabra continues with a lĂ©vitation
  • Ebony and Ivory: A non racist version of The Gypsy Thread from Charles Pemberton
  • Letters - Your turn to have a say
  • Justin Higham flings his fingers
  • Simon Witters on about this year's IBM Convention
  • News A Reviews - Geoff tells it like it is
  • Competition Results. See if you won
  • Angelo Carbone animates a matchbox
  • Steve Jones continues his series on how to be rich as well as famous
  • Graham Clark with a neat coin idea
  • Snoops Scoops - a book review
  • Tony Richardson shows how to electrocute yourself with a microphone
  • Patrick Lindley continues to indicate the past with two quite unusual articles

Issue 56
  • LETTERS: Your chance to have your say!
  • SHARP PRACTISE: Justin continues to encourage you to fling your fingers
  • KIDDIES COLUMN: A very clever Monkey Bar Wand effect from Alby Jelso
  • CHRISTMAS TEASER: Steve Jones tests your brain box
  • ONE IN A MILLION PREDICTION. A stunning mental effect from Barrie Richardson
  • HENRIQUE with more tales and a confession
  • SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS: How to keep it coming without interruption
  • NEWS AND VIEWS around the studio by Geoff
  • CARD BY APPOINTMENT: A clever effect from Arun Bonerjee
  • MAGICIANS OR MEDDLERS? an intriguing and thought provoking article by Walt Lees
  • NEW FOR OLD: Ali Cardabra continues his exciting series
  • SNOOPS SCOOPS: The good sport's guide to the shield competition
  • HOW TO SUCCEED IN MAGIC Part 7 in this exciting series showing how to get rich quick!
  • NEXT ISSUE - A prediction for 1992
  • SIMON SAYS: A seasonal and whimsical Quiz from the Olde Boy himself.
  • Past Indicative Patrick with more blasts from the past

word count: 147127 which is equivalent to 588 standard pages of text