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Club 71: 1992
by Geoff Maltby

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Club 71: 1992 by Geoff Maltby
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Issue 57
  • MENTAL ECSTASY - A brilliant New Mental epic from Barrie Richardson
  • CEREAL SERIAL by Club Lunatic and all round nice guy Tony Richards
  • SNOOPS SCOOPS: Divulges the deepest secrets of how to do a Magic Lecture
  • SUBSCRIPTION INFO. Don't Miss out
  • PART EIGHT of Steve Jones series, How to Become Rich and Famous
  • FUNNIES, Cartoon Corner
  • THE HOLY JUMP: More pasteboard mutilation by Angelo Carbone
  • HENRIQUE tells it how it is straight from the shoulder
  • THE BACK WINDOW: Meditative Musings of Cardician Al Smith
  • SIMON LOVELL with thoughts and a wee trickette pour voo
  • DEMISER'S DREAM. Another Pasteboard Palaver from prolific Phil Goldstein
  • NEWS AND REVIEWS. Geoff with more tales from the studio
  • PAST INDICATIVE. Patrick with more low down on the conflict between Magicians and mediums

Issue 58
  • Kiddies Column: Ten (well almost) Green Bottles by Walt Lees
  • Reel Wand by Geraint Ingram
  • Letters
  • How To Succeed In Magic by Steve Jones: Selling Yourself Part 9: Quoting a Fee
  • The Back Window by Al Smith
  • Simon Says
  • Unclassified Ads
  • News: conducted by Geoff Maltby
  • Magic of the Mind: Quick Demise by Phil Goldstein
  • Kranky Card Rise Plus by Angelo Carbone
  • Variations on a Theme: More Cards by Appointment by Brian Eden
  • Yclipt Addition by Mo Howarth
  • In the Next Issue
  • Henrique's Dew Drops
  • Cabaret Time: A Suit in Courts by Solyl Kundu
  • Comedy: Finger Through Jacket by Graham S. Clarke
  • New For Old: Arabian Vase Revisited by Ali Cardabra
  • Past Indicative conducted by Patrick Lindley

Issue 59
  • LEITERS - Praise us or berate us - Your chance to have your say
  • STEVE JONES with part 10 of his series to make you rich and/or famous
  • KIDDIES COLUMN This month Cowboys and Indians Invade
  • SIMON LOVELL here with a flourish
  • SUBSCRIPTIONS - how to keep it coming
  • WALT LEES with a view on Sadowitz
  • ALI CARDABRA with a mirror in his box
  • BRIAN EDEN shows how to enpauper your dealer by making your own paper coils
  • GRAHAM CLARKE shows how to be musical with a deck of cards!
  • NEWS & REVIEWS in and around the studio with Geoff
  • RON ESCOTT's Nearly perfect card in wallet
  • STEPHEN TUCKER with a birthday surprise
  • HENRIQUE tackles foreign fiends
  • BARRIE RICHARDSON revisits Koskys fibbers

Issue 60
  • Editorial - Walt Lees sets the scene
  • About Steve Jones - find out what's behind the Jones boy.
  • Letters - Your chance to tell how it really is and what you feel. Don't pull any punches.
  • Fairy Gold - Magic for the 6 to 8 year olds
  • Subscription info. How to keep your magazine up to date
  • Apple - An entertaining gag for the children's entertainer
  • Red Faced card Magic
  • Coin Magic and a Sow's ear from a silk handkerchief
  • News and Reviews in and around the studio with Geoff
  • Politically correct Magical Convention
  • Space age Aces, self-working with a punch
  • Cabaret Magic with watches
  • Simon tells about his transatlantic travels
  • Succeed in Magic part 11 in this invaluable series
  • Wot's Next? sneaky preview of the Halloween issue
  • Mental Magic - Consanguinity revisited. Perplexed? turn to page 68 to read all about it.
  • Jones' Jottings - Hints, Tips and cunning wrinkles

Issue 61
  • Kiddles Column: Maurice Gibbs with a new routine and presentation for Pranky Plaque
  • Part twelve in Steve Jones' series teaching you to be rich and famous. This time a dozen ways how to get more bookings.
  • Letters. Your chance to have your say
  • Close-up Card Magic: The impromptu Gang of four from Stephen Tucker
  • Cabaret Time with Floweresque by Magini of Ipswich
  • Kids Magic - Shoot-out, a challenge for the DIY Conjuror
  • News and Reviews. This month Geoff's All at sea!
  • A card stab contributed by Robert Gardner
  • Al Smith Muses on, this time about Eric Clapton(?)
  • Binary Magic is a mental offering from Arun Bonerjee
  • The Philadelphia Hamlet is a very ingenious book test by Lewis Jones
  • Henrique tells it as only Alan Goodall can't
  • Back Track more from Phil Goldstein

Issue 62
  • THE EDEN SCREEN by Malcolm Yaffe
  • PRICILLAS TORCH TRICK by Maurice Phillips
  • STEPHEN TUCKER with Skeleton Key
  • CARD TO CARD CASE by Robert Gardner
  • MICK HALFORD presents his King Size Kut
  • LETTERS: Your chance to have your say
  • MARKETING - Part 13 in Steve Jones series designed to make you rich and famous
  • THEME PARTIES: Hoots the Clown
  • FAROEEZ with Al Smith
  • NEW FOR OLD as Ali Cardabra ponders the almost bottomless tumbler
  • NEWS AND REVIEWS in and around the studio
  • RING FOR TEA - Jim Breedon with a clever idea
  • CLOSE-UP CANDOUR with Stephen Paul
  • COMPETITION RESULTS - are you amongst the winners?
  • SIMON LOVELL with a four Card Coincidence
  • HENRIQUE with another horror tale
  • OVATION POSITION (A liquid production of course)
  • HOW TO BE A CHILDREN'S ENTERTAINER (or not as the case may be)
  • NEW AGE CARDS from Arun Bonerjee

word count: 144629 which is equivalent to 578 standard pages of text