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Club 71: 1993
by Geoff Maltby

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Club 71: 1993 by Geoff Maltby
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Issue 63
  • THREE BLIND MICE for Kids by Steve Jones
  • NIGHT WATCH by Maurice Phillips
  • LETTERS: Bouquet or Brickbat, your chance to have your say.
  • THAT ROPE & VASE AGAIN This time by Magini of Ipswich
  • HENRIQUE ponders
  • SIMON SAYS: This time Lovell's all new MTC
  • MENTAL MAGIC: This month Square Bashing from Stephen Tucker
  • SUBSCRIPTIONS Don't miss a single issue
  • HOW TO SUCCEED Part 14 of Steve Jones Get Rich Quick series
  • NEWS & REVIEWS around the studio conducted by Geoff
  • MISTAKE: A mental offering from Arun Bonerjee
  • WHAT DO I DO NEXT? Ponders Malcolm Yaffe
  • RIGHTING A WRONG: A Clever idea from Angelo Carbone
  • SNAP: An almost serious strong-man card effect from Tony Richards
  • FOUR CAUGHT: Inventive effect by Robert Gardner
  • BACK WINDOW: Al Smith with a song in his heart
  • TOSSED OUT BOOK: Not a literary salad but a mental effect by Barrie Richardson and Eric Mason

Issue 64
  • BIRTHDAY GOLD by Malcolme Yaffe Especially for the Children's Entertainer
  • LETTERS: Your chance to have your say
  • HENRIQUE with more pearls of wisdom before swine
  • LETTERS o' LOVE Aran Bonerjee with in a Mathemagical vein
  • LEVITATOR EXTRA by Angelo Carbone
  • CONFLDENTIAL SMILE: Card Magic from Phil Goldstein
  • SIMON SAYES: The latest scribblings from Lovell
  • AT THE BACK WINDOW: Al Smith ponders
  • BARRIE RICHARDSON with the classic Bill in Lemon
  • HOW TO SUCCEED IN MAGIC Steve Jones continues hi series

Issue 65
  • Kiddies Column with "Mr. Potato head from Steve Jones
  • Habits is a very clever new card effect from Lewis Jones
  • Fourth Dimenscon is a silk vanish with a thumb-tip which may be passed for examination after!
  • Henrique and a curious tale of a donkey!
  • Les McLean offers Pentalock with Polo Mints!
  • Remote Control and Al Smith muses upon self-working miracles
  • Out of this Cosmos. Stephen Tucker with a version of out of this world using a gimmicked pad
  • Romany Numerology. Arun Bonerjee with Indian mathematricks
  • NEWS & Reviews in and around the studio, discussed by Geoff
  • The Magnetic hand is a new and clever approach to an old effect
  • How to succeed in magic - part 16. Having taught you how to be rich and famous - Steve now shows you how to avoid a run in with the law
  • Robert Gardener with a very neat and clever card control
  • Simon says that's the way to do it
  • Letters. Your chance to have your say.
  • SNOOPS SCOOPS - a humorous introduction to mentalism
  • In the next Issue: What's coming up

Issue 66
  • THE EYES HAVE IT! A commercial routine by Trevor Lewis with thanks to Sid Lorraine
  • COUNTING THE COSTS. The penultimate chapter of Steve Jones' series concerning the business of magic.
  • SO YOU WANT TO BE A CHILDREN'S ENTERTAINER. The first in a new series by Walt Lees aimed at the serious children's entertainer.
  • PAGE 98 - 14th line. An intriguing method of forcing two numbers, eminently suitable for a book test. By Werner Miller
  • QUASI MEMORISED PACK. A mental stunt from Barrie Richardson
  • NEWS & VIEWS in and around the studio. Conducted by Geoff Maltby
  • SIMON LOVELL with thoughts on stooges from America
  • LETTERS, Your chance to have your say
  • A POSSIBLE DATE WITH DESTINY. Clever new idea from Stephen Tucker
  • AL SMITH with more pensive musings
  • SNOOPS SCOOPS with valuable information on the worthy art of table hopping!

Issue 67
  • Ali Card Abra reflects upon the Mirror Box
  • SO YOU WANT TO BE A CHILDREN'S ENTERTAINER. Part two of an important new series by Walt Lees
  • Wealth & Fame the Steve Jones way, part 18
  • SON OF IMPROMPTU GANG OF FOUR. Stephen Tucker does it again!
  • NEWS & REVIEWS with Geoff in and around the studio
  • STRING & TWO BORROWED RINGS. A miracle from Barrie Richardson
  • SIMON SAYS. The trained stooge part II from our favourite ex-patriot
  • More Musings through Al Smith's rear window
  • Horoscope Divination. Clever stuff from Arun Bonerjee
  • Henrique still dropping dew and flying a B.S. kite!

Issue 68
  • Part three of Walt Lee's series on entertaining children.
  • Magic Paint Tin - a colourful idea for the children's entertainer from Roland Lumby
  • Gestalt Vision. Another knockout effect from mentalist Barrie Richardson
  • Ali Cardabra ponders the billiard balls
  • Simon Lovell with a super stunt for conventions
  • Henrique and the pitfalls of pregnancy testing
  • News and Reviews in and around the studio
  • A Christmas Riddle
  • Letters - your chance to have your say
  • Twincess: A clever new card item from Phil Goldstein
  • A new presentation for Holistic Matrix by Kennedy Smith
  • Drama in magic. Steve Jones with another Oscar winning column
  • Al Smith continues to philosophise on things magical

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