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Club 71: 1994
by Geoff Maltby

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Club 71: 1994 by Geoff Maltby
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Issue 69
  • Entertaining Children Part 4 by Walt Lees - The choice of material
  • SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION - How to keep the club magazine dropping through your letter-box!
  • Malcolm Yaffe with an intriguing variation on 'String & Bones'
  • Drama in Magic - Steve Jones with part 2 of his exciting new series
  • PRELOCATION - another ingenious winner from Phil Goldstein, alter ego of Max Maven
  • Simon Sayes - Simon Lovell with a nifty card miracle especially for flummoxing magicos!
  • News & Reviews. Geoff with the latest update on the forthcoming QE2 Magic Convention/Cruise
  • The Back Window and Al Smith ponders on the subject of working at 'any price'
  • Aeroplane cards - clever magic from our resident genial genius Barrie Richardson
  • Keith's Column. First in a new series from Pro Keith Fields. This issue he turns the heat on hecklers.

Issue 70
  • GRAHAM S. CLARKE with Will '0 The Wisp - a cute bar trick
  • SUBSCRIPTION INFO - How to make certain you don't miss a thing.
  • KAMIKAZE! a new routine for Perilous Propellor by Don Simpson.
  • ALI CARDABRA with a vanishing pen. Not as prosaic as it sounds.
  • HENRIQUE with more tales and how to upset the neighbours!
  • COMPETITION. Big Prizes for big ideas.
  • TOPICAL HEAT. Views on three important topics currently under debate.
  • WALT LEES continues his series on the science of entertaining children
  • NEWS & REVIEWS around the studio with the very latest news on the OE2 Magic Cruise
  • SIMON LOVELL is now in America, see how he is getting on.
  • CARMO with a touch of realism. Cabaret magic with a difference.
  • AL SMITH doing The Act as Known through his window
  • DO YOU WANT TO CONTINUE? with Barrie Richardson. You will when you have read this!

Issue 71
  • The Aeroplane Cards revisited, by Clyde Clayton
  • Queen Elizabeth 2 Magic Cruise Reviewed by Aiden Heritage
  • LETTERS: Your chance to have your say
  • HENRIQUE considers the terrors of the trade
  • BUTTON SWITCH a clever idea from Robert Gardner
  • SIMON LOVELL with news & Gossip from the United States
  • THE BACK WINDOW where Al Smith Considers the effectiveness of the effect
  • RUNNING UP THE ODDS by Werner Miller
  • SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION make certain that you don't miss a single issue
  • BARRIE RICHARDSON presents his challenge mentalism
  • SO YOU WANT TO BE A CHILDREN'S ENTERTAINER. Part 6 in this 'How to' series
  • CHERCHEZ la SENSE - Exposure & Expulsion considered by Walt Lees

Issue 72
  • Tony Wiltshire with the Human Printing Machine
  • How to be a rich and famous children's entertainer. Part seven of Walt Lees series
  • Malcolm Yaffe magically combines National Smile Week with the Community Dental Service!
  • Subscription Information
  • Baron Von Strasser with an American Point of view
  • Geoff has the latest info on the 1995 Magic Cruise
  • Al Smith muses on the validity of the return to normality and the big socko climax!
  • Simon Lovell with tales of travelling the Mother country
  • Basic Card Technique. The Elmsley Count
  • E.S.P. Mismatch. Mental Magic from Arun Bonerjee
  • Competition. Another method to become rich and famous
  • Resident Guru, Barrie Richardson considers the clock dial mystery

Issue 73
  • Some thoughts and routining on Coin Unique by Philip Sweeting
  • Penultimate Mental Ecstasy. A storming mental masterpiece from Barrie Richardson
  • Competition. Your chance to be rich and famous at Geoff's expense
  • News and Reviews around the studio conducted by Geoff
  • Letters. Your chance to have your say about anything magical.
  • A Punch from the Prof. Punch & Judy & Videos plus news of an important new series coming in the magazine soon
  • Table Top steal & loading technique from Robert Gardner
  • So you want to be a Children's Entertainer? Walt Lees with part 8 of his series on how to cash in on this gold-mine!
  • Basic Card Technique. This month we cover the subject of card control
  • Your Favourite figure. A different paddle effect from the creative mind of Magini of Ipswich

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