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Club 71: 1996
by Geoff Maltby

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Club 71: 1996 by Geoff Maltby
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Issue 80
  • NEWS & REVIEWS Magic around the studio with Geoff Maltby
  • HEAVY & LIGHT: First Class magic for the childrens' entertainer from Malcolm Yaffe
  • BASIC CARD TECHNIQUE: Basic Card Technique Part 9:- Add-on Switches
  • SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS, together with rates and renewal information
  • STEVE JONES with a well designed squiggle or Einstein's graphology!
  • SIMON SAYS: More from our very own expatriot!
  • MINOR MIRACLE: More Mental magic from Arun Bonerjee of India
  • AL SMITH MUSES on things Magical and things Star Trek!!
  • HOW TO BE A CHILDREN'S ENTERTAINER Part 15 - Age Groups and how to handle them
  • MAGIC IN THRE COMEDY CLUBS Part Three of this series by Keith Fields
  • WHAT'S COMING NEXT? Taster of the next issue

Issue 81
  • News and Reviews with Geoff
  • Subscription information
  • How to be a Childrens' entertainer, part 16 by Walt Lees
  • Basic Card Technique. Lesson 11, The Strip-Out Add-On
  • Convention News in Winchester
  • Competition info
  • Excerpts from a Magician's Diary by Brian Lead
  • Malcolm Yaffe with some of his least favourite things
  • Simon Lovell with news of the Magic Castle
  • Trevor Lewis with a different approach to the Don Alan Invisible Deck
  • Kennedy Smith gives us a Quick Flash
  • Letters - Your chance to have your say. News of a new Club for younger magicians
  • Al Smith ponders the Interstellar underdrive!
  • Angels Flight by our resident genius, Barrie Richardson
  • Hippo Birdie. An unusual presentation for Children from Ron Escott.

Issue 82
  • News and Reviews in and around the studio with Geoff Maltby
  • So you want to be a children's entertainer. Part 17 of this valuable series by Walt Lees
  • Results of this year's competition
  • Legs - Apart, comedy card routine from Alex Le-Roy
  • Readers' Letters. Brick-bat and bouquet dept.
  • C.F.C.C. cunning penetration from Steve Jones
  • The B R Trap-door contributed by resident genius Barrie Richardson
  • Basic Card Technique. The in-hand slip cut
  • Simon's Summer column with news from the U.S.
  • Simple Really - yes it really is, by W. Newrick
  • Sins and Stones. A thoughtful piece about giving and accepting criticism
  • Hot Tips, Hints and Wrinkles by Angelo Carbone
  • MagicCruise 1996 reported by Aidan Heritage
  • Liquid Assets: An unusual stunt by Brian Lead
  • High Tech Magic Wand by Nick Fitzherbert
  • Join the team Job opportunity with Club 71
  • New 1996 Open Competition
  • Alpha Numerical Book Test by Arun Bonerjee
  • What's coming next issue

Issue 83
  • NEWS and Reviews in and around the studio
  • MALCOLM discusses those Friggin Bottles'
  • HOW TO BE A CHILDREN'S ENTERTAINER part 18. This issue Walt discusses how not to be a nuisiance
  • BASIC CARD TECHNIQUE: This time we discuss the Biddle Count
  • SIMON SAYS: News from over the pond from ex-pat. Simon Lovell
  • THE MARK OF SATAN. Mental Magic from the prolific Steve Jones
  • SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION, together with details and current rates
  • ETHICS: Dr Rodney King with a controversial view on a controversial topic
  • THE SEVEN SAMURAI: Kennedy Smith with a different and entertaining effect with Jumbo cards
  • HOW TO DOUBLE YOUR BOOKINGS in one easy lesson. A clever approach by Brian Lead

Issue 84
  • News and Reviews in and around the studio with Geoff MaHby
  • The Mr Men Meet the Magician by Club 71 regular Steve Jones
  • Untouched Card at Any Number. Another reputation making miracle from Barrie Richardson
  • How to be a successful Children's entertainer. Part 19 by Walt Lees
  • Al Smith Muses on the application of Murphy's law as it applies to the close up performer
  • Simon Lovell considers the occurence of magical computer viruses
  • Competition. Your chance for fame and fortune beyond your wildest dreams
  • Letters: Your chance to give it a stir. The brickbat, bouquet and clever wheeze dept.
  • Basic Card Technique. This month we consider various colour changes.
  • Fan of Cards to Cane. Cabaret style magic from Alex LeRoy
  • Advanced Computer Mind. Mentalism from Arun Bonerjee (India)
  • Instant Card Production. Clever stuff from Robert Gardner

Issue 85
  • NEWS & REVIEWS in and around the studio
  • IMPROMPTU CARD RISE: A new card rise from our resident genius Barrie Richardson.
  • Popular contributor Phil Goldstein with PERSPECTIVE - an effect using ESP Cards.
  • SIMON SAYS: Simon Lovell continues with more magical computer 'Viruses'
  • BASIC CARD TECHNIQUE. This month we cover The Misdirection Colour Change.
  • COP A COIN by Pat Atkin. A clever utility coin move.
  • MAGIC & ITS MEANING. More philosophical musings from Dr. Rodney King.
  • THE BACK WINDOW. This month Al Smith tackles the topic of 'Mix & Mingle' Magic
  • THE TANPARI TOUCH: A surprise finish for the Gozinta Boxes.
  • Your chance to have a whinge, comment or throw a bouquet
  • STEVE JONES with some unusual ideas for a One-way Forcing Pack

Issue 86
  • News and Reviews in and around the studio
  • Part 21 in Walt's series on being a serious professional Children's entertainer
  • Mike Hopley with Any Name at any Number. A variation on a clever effect by Barrie Richardson
  • Thimble from Card. New and different by Kennedy Smith
  • Collecting Thoughts. A new, occasional column by Eddie Dawes of especial interest to collectors and historians
  • Henrique's Dewdrops once more drippeth in our hallowed pages
  • Al Smith's Back Window. Community affairs and the annual show
  • Lovell's Letter from New Britain
  • Letters, comments, variations, bits & bobs
  • Filthy Lucre. The Tanpari touch for a trick once called Cointra-Deception
  • All Rhodes. News around the country gleaned by John Rhodes
  • The Psychic Secrets. Part one of a new series from Alex Le-Roy
  • Basic Card Technique. This month we cover Dai Vernon's Pick off Pip
  • Magic Journal round-up by Eddie Dawes

word count: 157185 which is equivalent to 628 standard pages of text