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Club 71: 1998
by Geoff Maltby

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Club 71: 1998 by Geoff Maltby
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Issue 95
  • NEWS and Reviews with Geoff Mattby
  • STEVE JONES tells a story about High Society
  • BARRIE RICHARDSON with a clever, different and subtle card to pocket
  • JOHN RHODES with all the news that's fit to print, gleaned from around the world
  • ALAN WARD with Thaumatropic Trickery
  • ACE Children's entertainer Ian Adair with invaluable advice on using rabbits in for the children's performer
  • ALI CARDABRA with rope and silk magic for the trendy Trixter
  • ARUN BONERJEE continues his mentalism
  • BASIC CARD TECHNIQUE chapter 26 covers the Double Lift
  • EDDIE DAWES tells you what you have missed in the other magazines
  • WERNER MILLER with a self working card spell
  • HENRIQUE This month he offers practical advice to the full party entertainer (in addition to his usual humour)
  • DIVERTING INTERESTS The important aspects of misdirection considered by Walt Lees
  • AL SMITH asks if it is only magic
  • PROFESSOR DAWES and all things collectible

Issue 96
  • News and Reviews by Geoff Maltby with details of a competition with ¬£50 prize
  • Zoological Conjuring From Soumya Deb (India)
  • Prolific genius Ian Adair with another superb offering for the children's entertainer
  • Dick Biow shows you exactly how to make your very own Barrie Richardson wrist watch
  • New team member Ian Keable with sound and considered advice for every performer
  • Henrique with more stories to stretch your credulity
  • John Rhodes with all the magic news that's nearly fit to print and misreported in the lay press
  • Al Smith considers burning topics of the day
  • Eddie Dawes saves you buying the other magazines, and tells you what they said
  • Werner Miller with another cunning yet concealed stunt to fool you using of all things the Svengali deck
  • Our own resident guru, mentalist, Barrie Richardson who would be canonised if he were not still with us! with yet another shattering effect
  • Dr. Dawes with info, on what the squirrels are doing around the world
  • Alan Ward considers the Queen of the Light
  • Read why the Easter issue must not be missed

Issue 97
  • News from the studio with Geoff Maltby
  • Basic Card Technique continues this month with the Blitz Push Over
  • Werner Miller shows the cunning Equation of the Eighth Degree
  • Ali Cardabra discloses his latest in the canister conjuring series: Spectral Silk Penetration
  • Ian Keable Patters on
  • Eddie Dawes is Collecting his thoughts again
  • The Back Window and Al Smith Counsels to 'Know Thine Enemy'
  • Ian Adair with a deft use of a change bag
  • Steve Jones produces a puppet
  • Simon Says a Fifty Quid Bit of Business from ex-pat Simon Lovell
  • Remote viewing with Barrie Richardson
  • Letters. Your chance to let off steam
  • Alan Ward with Scientific Sorcery
  • Prof. Dawes considers the magical journals around the world
  • Magic Secrets revealed on TV. Is this the end of magic as we know it?
  • The masked Marauder strikes again!
  • Dr Rodney King modifying and improving tricks
  • Dick Biow with a Richardson Watch update
  • John Rhodes, Magical Newshound sniffs it out
  • Competition. Your chance to become rich and famous beyond your wildest dreams??

Issue 98
  • News and reviews with Geoff Maltby
  • Comedy Patter Part two of Ian Keable's series
  • Ian Adair presents a Yukkie game
  • Ace Mentalist Barrie Richardson with a knockout card at any number
  • Competition - At last Fame and riches may be within your grasp!!
  • Wener Miller's ESPuzzle
  • Simon Lovell tells it like it is
  • Phil Goldstein with a trick named Dunch!
  • Gora Dutta with a novel silk production
  • Professor Dawes tells you what you missed in all the other Mags
  • Ali Cardabra boldly presents his hidden assets for all to view
  • Alan Ward cuts a very cross puzzle
  • Al Smith, who considers: Performance, Jon Racherbaumer and strolling magic. (But watch out for the gorilla!)
  • More meanderings from Henrique - magic's man in the irony mask
  • Letters Info, Bouquet and Brickbat delivery service
  • John Rhodes finds that there is a lot of magic in the lay press
  • Eddie Dawes on collecting magic, auctions and costs

Issue 99
  • News and Reviews with Geoff Maltby
  • Basic card Sleights. This monthg we tackle the Tabled Double Lift
  • Ian Adair produces a toy train for the children's entertainer
  • Ian Keable continues his series on the serious business of comedy patter
  • Walt Lees with a request for informantion on Sylvani
  • Alan Ward with some rather unusual drawings called 'Droodles'
  • John Rhodes with a wealth of magical news from the lay press
  • Andrew Webb reviews the fifth Queen Elizabeth 2 Magic Cruise
  • More Miller Mysteries with concealed Mathematical principles
  • Phil Goldstein with a new effect called 'The Third Manager'
  • That's Me! By Solyl Kundu, producing a business card
  • Al Smith ponders things magical from the privacy of his rear window
  • Turning Up Trumps! An apparent demonstration of great skill brought to you by cardiste, Steve Jones
  • Eddie Dawes tells you what was in the other magazines to save you buying them!
  • More queer tales from a retired child minder
  • The Mowers That Grow In The String by Soumya Deb
  • Professor Edwin Dawes with thoughts on all things ancient and collectible

Issue 100
  • Geoff Maltby with an uncommonly brief round up of News & Reviews in and around the studio
  • Editor Walt Lees with an uncommonly rare editorial
  • The PK Key by Nico Thelman. Could it be real' or is it a fake?
  • Annabel's Dye Tube by Fred Robinson
  • Smaller and Smaller from Patrick Page: Simple props, first division effect.
  • Ring for Tea (not as twee as it sounds) contributed by James Breedon
  • Simon Lovell with a Teetotaller's bottle production
  • Keith Downs with an illuminating torch
  • Malcolme Yaffe in murderous mode, executes that clich√©
  • Maurice Phillips with the Monkey's Hat
  • Henrique with a classic Dewdrop
  • Coincidence Card contributed by Al Smith in his pre windows days
  • Brian Peasrson turns detective with Cluedo
  • Steve Mills and a novel balloon twist
  • Tony Richards with a crazy notion of dehydrated water
  • Ali Cardabra looks into a boxed mirror and sees nothing!
  • Is it red or white?, queries Angelo Carbone
  • It must be mind control. Barrie Richardson with one of the most dynamic effects we have ever published.

Issue 101
  • News and Reviews around the studio with Geoff
  • Car Park Conundrum from Barrie Richardson
  • I Scream for Ice Cream Entertainment tor the kiddiwinks from Ian Adair
  • BLKJK A curious title from Phil Goldstein
  • Ring in Balloon. An most unusual effect by Noel Baldaccino
  • Alan Ward offers some more peculiar puzzles in his break from magic.
  • Soumya Deb features a flowering wand
  • Ian Keable keeps on with his comedy patter series
  • Ron Escort essays a discovery with a compact disc
  • Al Smith ponders WAM, Valantino and exposure
  • Eddie Dawes with all that's interesting in the magic journals around the world
  • Letters. This month John Crocker, Max Maven and Ian Keable chuck in their two pennyworth
  • Miller's Mysteries continue with the facetiously titled FATUM
  • Henrique with a shock horror admission concerning Edith Merrywhite's undergarments
  • All Rhodes features interesting magical news gleaned from the lay press
  • Hercule Poirot's Book Test is a novel notion from Mike Hopley
  • Professor Dawes rounds up this issue with collecting thoughts.

Issue 102
  • NEWS AND REVIEWS with Geoff
  • EYE-EYE with Mike Hopley
  • WOOF-WOOF. Ian Adair is barking this month
  • LIGHTNING CENTRE TEAR. Another touch of Richardson brilliance
  • BASIC CARD TEQUNIQUE. This month we tackle the one handed Double Lift
  • MO HOWARTH with a glass through coat effect. Simple, direct and very effective
  • SUBTLE BAREHAND Silk Production by Soumya Deb
  • TELE TUBBY TELEPATHY by Marli the Magician
  • ARUN BONERJEE with a few kind words for cohabiting couples!
  • ALAN WARD with a Famous Phantom from the good Doctor Pepper
  • IAN KEABLE and the travails of entertaining on a ship
  • EDDIE DAWES tells you what you may have missed in the rest of the world of magical journalism
  • HENRIQUE with a scathing attack on the organisational abilities of women.
  • JOHN RHODES with magical news in the real world of journalism
  • AL SMITH is still curtain twitching while listening to the radiogram
  • COLLECTING THOUGHTS. Prof. Dawes explains why you should buy three copies of every book!

Issue 103
  • News and Reviews from Geoff
  • Banded Card in Wallet from Barrie Richardson
  • So you still want to be a childrens' entertainer? asks Walt Lees
  • Death on a wet afternoon. A Christmas puzzle from Alan Ward
  • Henrique with a collection of non seasonal tales
  • Ian Adair with another Gem for the Childrens' entertainer
  • Arun Bonerjee has got your number
  • This year's competition results. Are you a winner? Geoff stumps up the prizes
  • Al Smith takes a walk sans zimmer frame
  • Steve Jones back to the Cash Twilight Zone
  • Professor Ostinini's Victorian Christmas Puzzle
  • Professor Dawes on all things collectible
  • Phil Goldstein is matched from the jaws of defeat
  • John Rhodes with magical news from the non magical press
  • Pete McCabe with some magical spilling mistooks
  • Ian Keable in praise of Gene Anderson and a paper shredder
  • Miller's Mysteries continues in a continental vein with the French Card Trap
  • Basic Card Technique this month addresses the subject of palming
  • Slick silk from Soumya Deb
  • Journal Highlights with what you missed in the other magazines!

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