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Club 71: 1999

by Geoff Maltby

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Club 71: 1999 by Geoff Maltby
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Issue 104
  • News & Reviews in and around the Studio
  • Ian Adair with bits of balloon business for Children
  • Arun Bonerjee's Mental Birthday Card
  • So you still want to be a children's entertainer says Walt Lees
  • Henrique on the business of games to entertain the youngsters and fill in the time!
  • Letters. Your chance to tell it like it is
  • Balloonacy from Balloonatic Malcolm Malan
  • Eddie Dawes Collects his thoughts about things valuable.
  • Miller's Mysteries continues with a Flexible Number Force
  • Simon Lovell considers the Multiple Top Change
  • Alan Ward's Baffling Bycyclette will cross your eyes
  • John Rhodes rides into town with a posse of new news
  • Al Smith considers the business of Art as he window watches this month
  • Basic Card Sleights. This month we cover the one handed top palm
  • Barrie Richardson shuffles a deck. Removes an unseen card and asks the spectator to name it. He does. Impossible? Not when you have read this month's offering.
  • Professor Dawes with all that you missed in the rest of the mags.

Issue 105
  • News and Reviews with Geoff Maltby
  • So you really want to be a children's entertainer. Walt Lees continues his series
  • Barrie Richardson offers Simplex Psychometry, another stunning effect from our resident Guru.
  • Tassel Mania is exactly that, offered by Ian Adair for Children's entertainer
  • Henrique with more horror stories
  • Entertaining Toddlers. Sound advice from Jack Shea regarding entertaining the teeny weenies
  • More Miller's Mathematical Mysteries
  • Al Smith ventures, nay gallops, into the valley of death
  • Ian Keable reveals all from his diary
  • Eddie Dawes with the contents of the other magic magazines around the world
  • Malcolm Malan continues his new series on Balloonacy
  • John Rhodes with all the magic news from the lay press
  • Letters Page. Bouquets and Brickbats, your chance to thump the tub
  • Collector's Corner with an interesting piece about magical premiums

Issue 106
  • News and Reviews around the studio
  • Steve Jones offers A Kit Saws. Intriguing card magic
  • Ian Adair with Sucker Red, White and Bluendo
  • Werner Miller continues his series of mysteries with 'An honest card trick'
  • Barrie Richardson revisits the solid ghost concept
  • Al Smith exorcises the devil with a tale of Henrique like tragedy
  • Dangerous tricks for children are discussed in this chapter of Walt Lees' children's series
  • Silk Magic by Solyl Kunda in an effect called The Rainbow
  • Basic card Sleights continues with palming in the Dai Vernon Manner
  • John Rhodes with a very interesting collection of magical stories from the lay press
  • Eddie Dawes' Collecting Thought including info about Lewis Carroll
  • Phil Goldstein considers an Austrian Australian
  • Alan Ward's curious puzzle of a mystery voice
  • More silk magic, this time a nu-way production from Soumya Deb
  • Henrique ponders the youth of today
  • Mike Hopley proffers Hercule Poirot's Book Test
  • Arun Bonerjee with a word processor
  • Ian Keable ponders reviews of magic shows
  • Eddie Dawes with the reviews from the rest of the magical press

Issue 107
  • News and Reviews with Geoff around the studio
  • Ian Adair with two offerings this month for the children's entertainer
  • Somya Deb proffers a Goofy Wand
  • Malcolm Malan continues his series with a new age parrot
  • Werner Miller and another cleverly disguised mathematical principle
  • John Rhodes relates all the magic published in the lay press
  • Walt Lees considers the number of different shows the children's entertainer needs
  • Ed Hass with another use for Lewis Jones' brilliant Memory Deck
  • Eddie Dawes with all the news in the magical press
  • Peter Duffie joins our list of regulars with an offering entitled Wedlock
  • Al Smith relates the pitfalls the can follow philately in early childhood
  • Alan ward shows Instant Witchcraft
  • Basic Card Technique this month covers multiple Palming. It is not as daunting as it sounds
  • Henrique discusses his technique for charting up sailors
  • The prolific Arun Bonerjee with Characters in a Word
  • Eddie Dawes with his regular musings in the Collector's corner.

Issue 108
  • QE2 Magic Cruise Review
  • Clyde Clayton with a variation on the 'Lightning Centre Tear'
  • Walt Lees continues his series on the business of being a children's entertainer
  • Henrique lectures on the art of lecturing
  • Ian Adair has a blowthrough
  • Malcolm Malan considers dogs
  • Soumya Deb Surprises Some Silks
  • Steve Jones attains the Age of Love
  • John Rhode, news newshound extrordinaire
  • Basic(!) Multiple Top Palm
  • Alan Ward and a Little Black Number
  • Ali Cardabra with a very Passe Prediction
  • David Zauber presents the Ceremony of the Keys
  • The competition. Fame and wealth below your wildest dreams
  • Al Smith minds his language in the back window
  • Werner Miller strikes it rich in Klondyke
  • Letters, your chance to right wrongs
  • Peter Duffie Automates his Diamonds
  • Collecting Thoughts with Professor Dawes
  • ESC with Bonerjee
  • Potting the Colours with Sujit Kumar
  • Ian Keable muses Mugging and Magic
  • Barrie Richardson shares a Devious Deck Switch
  • Journal Highlights, the best of the rest with Eddie Dawes

Issue 109
  • News & Reviews with Geoff
  • Barrie Richardson's Psychic Poker
  • Henrique with more tales of the unexpected
  • Decerption Deception from Peter Duffie
  • Ali Cardabra continues his new series, this time with a Topsy Turvey trick
  • Ian Adair wears a funny fez
  • Malcolm Malan ventures south to pick up a penguin
  • Here's a Nother from Phil Goldstein
  • Eddie Dawes reviews the rest of the magical journals around the world
  • Enter the club competition for fame & fortune!
  • Alan Ward tumbles dynamically
  • Werner Miller with Magnetic Jokers
  • Letters page, Jack Poulter puts us right
  • Al Smith this time considers cookery through the back window
  • John Rhodes with magic in the lay press
  • Hebrew Canes and Crutches c/o Michael Factor
  • Ian Keable considers the bestowal of titles upon Jay Sankey by Don Bevan
  • If you still want to be a children's entertainer, Walt Lees considers public works
  • More poker, this time of a Jiggery nature from Steve Jones
  • Eddie Dawes rounds up this issue with his Collectors' Corner

Issue 110
  • News from Geoff Maltby. Las Vegas, QE2 and other things magical
  • Short Term. A novel contribution from regular contributor, Peter Duffie
  • Ian Adair contributes Flower Pot Fun
  • Ali Cordabra's New For Old column reveals Vanishing Dye Bottles
  • Basic Card Technique covers the Fan steal and Bottom palm
  • Ian Keabte and a Psychic surgeon
  • John Rhodes with news magic from the lay press
  • Barrie Richardson with the mother of all centre tears
  • Tools of the trade by Soryl Kundu
  • Eddie Dawes reviews all the other Magic Journals you might have missed
  • Arun Bonerjee with an envelope divination
  • Henrique sets the pages on fire this issue
  • Steve Jones on the history of the three card trick?
  • Walt Lees continues his series for the childrens' entertainer with Christmas preparations
  • Al Smith ponders Bert Weedon and the practise of magic
  • Alan Ward is In the Spirit of the Stones
  • Miller's Mysteries continue unabated with the Monge/Slop Shuffle
  • Professor Dawes rounds off this issue with his Collectors' Corner

Issue 111
  • News around the studio with Geoff
  • Barrie Richardson with an Ambiguous Coffee Can!
  • Tom Owen with his knock out Torn and restored Banknote
  • Walt continues his series for Childrens entertainers, still without a trick in sight
  • Al Smith remembers Rovi and takes a risk with Chan Canasta
  • Ian Adair with an original Origami box
  • Peter Duffie contributes some caught kings
  • Alan Ward balances a bottle
  • Eddie Dawes with the journals and all you have missed elsewhere
  • Werner Miller with a mathematical judgement of Paris
  • Samosh Coomer joins us with a symbolic mystery
  • Basic card technique this month covers the multiple bottom palm
  • Arun Bonerjee gives his variation on any card at any number
  • Ali Cardabra with new for old
  • Gora Dutta is welcomed aboard with his Balloon O Mental
  • Henrique describes himself curiously
  • John Rhodes with more Lay news
  • Ian Keable considers Llandudno and the competition
  • Eddie Dawes rounds up with Collectors' Corner

Issue 112
  • News and Views around the studio
  • Ian Adair is Over the Moon with a special routine for the children's entertainer
  • Ian Keable v Guy Hollingworth
  • Peter Duffie Dreamt of cards
  • Basic Card Technique - This time Palming from a tabled deck
  • Arun Bonerjee with another mental effect called Row ESP
  • Al Smith listens to the rythm of the falling rain - pitter patter
  • Ali Cardabra with a new for old ring in bottle
  • Reading Matter if you really want to be a children's entertainer
  • Saileswar Mukerjee with a comedy sacking Twentieth Century
  • Miller's Mysteries continues with a Phoenix Deal
  • All Rhodes with John and all the news that's fit to print
  • Henrique claims to do posh gigs as well as all the cheap ones!
  • Canes or Crutches revisited
  • Mordinary from Phil Goldstein
  • Eddie Dawes with his regular review of the journals
  • Malcolm Malan with seasonal Balloonacy produces a one balloon Reindeer
  • Professor Dawes Collects his thoughts once again

word count: 240935 which is equivalent to 963 standard pages of text

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