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Club 71: 2000

by Geoff Maltby

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Club 71: 2000 by Geoff Maltby
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Issue 113
  • Views and reviews with Geoff Maltby, Plus news around the studio
  • Walt Lees Editorial: What does the Millennium mean to you?
  • Double Design for Laughter with Kennedy Smith
  • The Eyes have it. Clever and Different Magic from Trevor Lewis
  • The Club 71 Magazine Competion to make you rich and famous
  • Magic Paint Tin by Roland Lumby for your picture painting routine
  • New for Old. Ali Cardabra with a Visaball Ghost Writer
  • Al Smith is philosophical as he ponders through the rear window
  • Peter Kane shows he is more than just a brilliant card man with his Linking Ring interlude
  • Prolific Phil Goldstein presents Twincess
  • A date with destiny and Stephen Tucker
  • Werner Miller may be found page 98, line 14
  • Coin and Currency Divination Another Blockbuster from Barrie Richardson
  • Melvin LeHair with Chopped Prices
  • Walt Lees with a contribution of his own as he considers Conventional Etiquette

Issue 114
  • News and Reviews around the Studio
  • Ian Adair presents Rabbit Bio Card - business for children's entertainers
  • Ron Escort says Hippo Birdie To You!
  • Peter Duffie with Key Largo - Cards A Gogol
  • Malcolm Malan's rubber based Y2K Rabbit Project
  • Barrie Richardson with The Touch of Power
  • The Back Window - Al Smith - The leader of the deck!
  • Letters. Your chance to have your say on all things magical
  • Eddie Dawes is still collecting his thoughts
  • Ian Keable's Top Ten List of British Conjurors - are you included there7
  • Journal Highlights, what you missed elsewhere collated by Eddie Dawes
  • TWBMT from India by Solyl Kundu
  • Climbing Sphere by Soumya Deb
  • Basic Card Technique tackles The Side Steal
  • The inimitable (thank goodness?) Henrique on things posh
  • Walt Lees proves that Confusion is sometimes Illusion
  • John Rhodes with magic from the lay press
  • Miller's Mysteries continue with Questa Poi!
  • 1999 Competition Results Are you there?
  • Ali Cardabra says "Mine's A Light"
  • The Magic Circle 1999 Christmas Show
  • Alan Ward proves he is a square thinker!

Issue 115
  • News and reviews
  • Basic Card Technique This month we tackle the Left Hand delayed Side Steal
  • Henrique considers going camp!
  • John Rhodes with magic from around the country in the lay press
  • Ian Adair returns with a childrens' routine called Riotous Ribbons
  • Is Ian Keable sleeping with the enemy?
  • Steve Jones considers assistants
  • Werner Miller sets off with a packed sandwich
  • Erdnase and all that from Walt Lees
  • Peter Duffie with Uni-versatile magic
  • Competition entry information
  • Al Smith spies a new dawn on the horizon
  • "I'm gonna get me a gun," says Malcolm Malan
  • Balloon Comedy Penetration from Magician Saileswar
  • In India, Another day - Another diary from Arun Bonerjee
  • Barrie Richardson continues some old unfinished business
  • Eddie Dawes considers the magical journals from around the globe

Issue 116
  • News & Reviews around the studio
  • Magic by Ian Adair
  • Humpfy Dumpfy Jigsaw
  • Soumya Deb with a stunning bare hand flower production
  • John Rhodes with all the news that's fit to print
  • Peter Kane with the first of a new and ground breaking new series
  • Malcolm Yaffe hops for kids
  • Who threw Alan Ward's bomb?
  • Co-vesion - a strange title for a Peter Duffie miracle
  • Al Smith looks out of his back window and tells it as it is!
  • The Art of conjuring is a new series from Peter Blanchard
  • Eddie Dawes tells you what you missed in the worldwide plethora of magic
  • Collecting thoughts with the professor
  • Kennedy Smith swings for money
  • Henrique is pure Henrique!!
  • Letters - Your chance to have your say
  • Millers Mysteries
  • Steve Jones continues his series of working with assistants

Issue 117
  • News and reviews from Geoff
  • Letters Page. Your chance to have your say
  • Peter Kane continues his series with chiKANEery
  • Wot's up at the Magic Circle?
  • Malcolm Yaffe is slated!
  • Ian Adair hoots!
  • James Breedon kicks off with a brand new series
  • Malcolm Yaffe again, this time with part two of his series, table hopping for children
  • Piggery Pokery by Alan Ward with a special guest appearance of Adolf Hitler - another Club 71 first and hopefully last!
  • Steve Jones continues his series covering the use of assistants
  • Peter Duffie's series continues with Ideal Holmes
  • Henrique considers the problems of near incontinence on charabancs
  • Soumya Deb with another easy to make fooler
  • Al Smith pauses to see the nail hit on the head
  • John Rhodes rounds up all the magical news in the lay press that you may have missed
  • Eddie Dawes rounds up all the magic in the magical press that you may have missed
  • Gora Datta with some DIY magic from India
  • Professor Dawes collects his thoughts on the high price of Chinese Tea Chests and also of Chinese Torture Equipment

Issue 118
  • News of magic books and Magic in Las Vegas
  • Letters to the editor. Your turn to wind us up
  • ESPouse. Arun Bonerjee with another clever mental twist
  • The Sweet Transformation of Barrie Richardson
  • Partner Swapping with Werner Miller
  • This month Al Smith considers honesty through his back window
  • Henrique ponders stage, cabaret and the perils of microphony
  • Jim Breedon's Magic pen evolves
  • Collecting Thoughts on the demon drink and magic and magicians
  • Regular columnist Peter Kane presents The Fool Monte
  • Peter Duffie Finds Fault
  • Seaside Funtime with Ian Adair
  • Part three of Malcolm Yaffe's series on table hopping for children
  • John Rhodes rounds up the news, countrywide from the lay press
  • Eddie Dawes rounds up the news, worldwide from the magical press
  • Malcolm Malan Huffs and Puffs his way through Balloonacy

Issue 119
  • News around the studio and other places too
  • Letters - Your chance to let off steam and right the good fight
  • Werner Miller presents That Ace of Clubs!
  • Malcolm Malan's Balloon-acy and The Butterfly that Fluttered by
  • Getting your cards with Steve Jones
  • Malcolm Yaffe with a new, neat and novel Bill Switch Kickoff
  • Peter Kane shares his Optical Hamman
  • Closeup on closeup considered by Ian Keable
  • Pair by Pair by Ian Adair
  • Gora Dutta with his own Brainwave variation
  • Peter Duffie and a sudden Impact
  • Alan Ward's saucy, rude and risque Victorian Bathing Belle
  • Table Hopping for Childeren. Part four of Malcolm Yaffe's series
  • Be rich and famous with the Club 71 magazine competiton
  • All Rhodes lead to John's magic in the Lay Press
  • Henrique proffers some sound stage advice
  • Al Smith spies Artful Magic through his window
  • Walt Lees continues this series with lesson 43 - three Riffle Shuffle Principles
  • Eddie Dawes and Watchdog's Anne Robinson and the case of the inflating Houdiniana

Issue 120
  • News and Reviews with Geoff
  • Malcolm Yaffe's Table Hopping. This month, he discusses Giveaways.
  • Jim Breedon Considers Caspar The Great!
  • Alan Ward Contributes a Fishy Business
  • Barrie Richardson Contributes an interestingly weighty Cash Balance
  • Malcolm Malan Contrives an air filled Dolphin
  • Arun Bonerjee Contemplates mental Symbology
  • Ian Adair Constructs DIY card Magic
  • Al Smith ponders a trick Universally Acknowledged
  • Peter Kane scrambles an RAF Squadron
  • Peter Duffie with a case of Amnesia
  • Eddie Dawes with all the magic from other journals
  • Somya Deb tosses in a bouncing silk
  • Henrique with his usual collection of dewdrops
  • Competition details, your chance for fame and fortune!
  • Walt Lees tutorial continues with the Basic Zarrow Shuffle
  • John Rhodes, our tame news hound with a round up of freshly hounded news
  • Letter. This month Walt replies to the "Independently reinvented' Bart Harding Memory deck
  • Eddie Dawes is still collecting his thoughts

Issue 121
  • News and Reviews in and around the studio
  • Ian Adair presents a Birthday card surprise for Christmas
  • Peter Kane puts a card under your Christmas dinner plate
  • Al Smith celebrates with a Miraskill
  • Letters - your chance to stir it up
  • Steve Jones with a Serenipitous Christmas treat
  • Jim Breedon writs with his magic pen
  • Table Hopping Children get Xmas giveaways from Steve Jones
  • Brian Lead is festively and Upwardly Mobile
  • Arun Boneqee says "Booze Who?"
  • Werner Miller gives you Three Chances to win a seasonal prize
  • Alan Ward with his Electric Penguins and others
  • No time off for Christmas, Walt Lees continues his tutorial with the Shank Shuffle
  • Henrique contemplates old age
  • Eddie Dawes tells all that you missed in the other magical magazines from around the world
  • JJ serves up his special Christmas treat with the first of a series of "Tales from the Wagon"
  • Peter Duffie Falters over the Christmas repast
  • John Rhodes with all the news that has recently occurred in the lay press
  • Eddie Dawes with news of interest for all magical collectors

word count: 235007 which is equivalent to 940 standard pages of text

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