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Club 71: 2001
by Geoff Maltby

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Club 71: 2001 by Geoff Maltby
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Issue 122
  • News and reviews with Geoff
  • Henrique as only he can be
  • Ian Adair presents Cartoon Capers for the children
  • Eddie Dawes once more collects his thoughts
  • Peter Duffie with a dark widow
  • ChiKANEry - this month Peter is courting Jokers
  • New Competition for year 2001 Your chance to win
  • Miller's Mysteries More cunning stunts from Werner
  • Table hopping for kiddies with Malcolm
  • The Year 2000 competition winners - are you there?
  • Al Smith considers losing the plot
  • A working pipe-dream from Malcolm Yaffe
  • J.J. wins with modesty
  • Ian Keable considers performing unpaid for the enemy
  • Professor Dawes reviews the magical press
  • Barrie Richardson with a stunning Maguffin
  • John Rhodes tells us what the lay press is saying about us

Issue 123
  • What's happening? News from Geoff
  • Double Wammy! - Peter Blanchard
  • Phil Goldstein makes a Deposition
  • Werner Miller Points the Way
  • Ian Adair revisits the dead and alive
  • Henrique with more odd thoughts
  • JJ shows how to climb a mountain pass with the aid of a little Powersfull magic magic
  • Barrie Richardson Boldly goes where no-one has gone with a Brainwave
  • Gorra Datta with Indian flowers and silk
  • Eddie Dawes collects his thoughts and considers frozen elephants, Jonathan Creek and Tom Cruise
  • Peter Duffie with his first experiment
  • Letters, your chance to sound off
  • Alan Ward beguiles with Gibson's Guessing game
  • More death, this time Peter Kane is dead on the Pateo
  • Al Smith Invites you to catch him if you can through the curtains
  • Eddie Dawes returns with with what you missed in the other magazines all over the world
  • Ananta Banerjee Pre-determines his destination
  • John Rhodes lays open wide the laymen's view of magic in the press
  • Table Hopping for the little ones this issue presents views on presentation
  • Jim Breedon's Magic pen writes on

Issue 124
  • News about the Studio from Geoff
  • Jim Breedon's Magic Pen draws attention to an InterPortine struggle and Gypsy's Curse
  • Somya Deb with Indian silks and flowers
  • Part 9 of Malcolm Yaffe's series about close-up for children
  • Peter Kane's ChiKanery with spots on his bottom
  • More spots from Ian Adair, this time in his box
  • Werner Miller with an Antipodean Zodiac
  • Eddie Dawes tells all you have missed in the other journals
  • Letters. Bouquets or Brick-bats. You tell it as it is
  • J.J. and the bored punter who booked the act!
  • Alan Ward Busts a ghost or two
  • Al Smith considers the pros and cons of Close-up
  • Henrique and Hot Punch and Judy may not be the way to do it!
  • Eddie Dawes collects his thoughts after a Gottle of Geer
  • Brian Morrison takes a real card from the screen of his computer
  • Solyl Kundu with his thoughts on entertaining children
  • Ian Keable's love/hate relationship that started as he walked the Royal Road
  • Malcolm Yaffe with an Irreverant dig at the dealers
  • Ali Cardabra with a new series, this time with a wild wand
  • John Rhodes with all the magic news from the lay press

Issue 125
  • News and Reviews with Geoff
  • Ali Cardabra with a New for Old Tricky, Knotty Tumbler
  • Ian Adair Spots on then Spots off!
  • Eddie Daws with another batch of collected magical thoughts
  • A New series from Steve Jones. Magic from his Notebook
  • Review of the eighth QE2 Magic Cruise by Rex and Janice Stott
  • Ian Keable considers the journey from Comedy Clubs to Perfection
  • Peter Duffie Kick starts four aces
  • Fame and Fortune - details of this year's competition
  • JJ and a Shocase Special
  • Letters page - Your chance to get it off your chest
  • Peter Kane Dices a Duck with startling consequences
  • Barrie Richardson presents his rounder pack
  • Walt Lees with a latin reasoning against lay competition judges
  • Brian Morrison with Diamonds in the Sky, sans lucy
  • Werner Miller with even more Diamonds - What a rich issue this one is!
  • Henrique slags off a fellow magician to his wife and not a diamond in sight!
  • Eddie Dawes with all the magic news from the magical press
  • Al Smith considers WAM and Valentino
  • Alan Ward is out in six!
  • John Rhodes rounds up what you missed magically in the lay press

Issue 126
  • Geoff's News and Views
  • Peter Kane with a move he designed for his friend Maggie
  • Walt Lees enters the ring with Fred Kaps' Heavyweight Boxing
  • Eddie Dawes rounds up a month's worth of magical journalism
  • Peter Blanchard considers the unconfined joy when the gremlins are on our side
  • Malcolm Yaffe's self referral is reprised and reworked
  • Henrique's Dewdrops drip over officialdom
  • Ian Keable proposes that it is never too late to learn
  • J.J. - She loves me - she loves me not!
  • Peter Duffie marrys in haste and repents with a deck of cards
  • Alan Ward with another visual puzzle, this time from war-time Britain
  • Ali Cardabra with a comedy card rise
  • Brian Morrison floats his widget!
  • Everyone can be a wizard proves Werner Miller
  • John Rhodes reviews all the magical news in the lay press
  • Ian Adair with Macdonalds' Big Mac Magic
  • Steve Jones' notebook jottings deliver a ring of roses
  • Barrie Richardson's Gang of Four - mentalism with chairs

Issue 127
  • News from the studio and Geoff's Annual Christmas cheer
  • Ian Adair with an undressed toothbrush
  • Jim Breedon Presents Pinco Punco!
  • Phil Goldstein with a Christmas spooking
  • Andre Kole presents the case for the World Alliance of Magicians
  • Alan Ward with a Christmas stunt using Dominos and explosives!
  • Al Smith and the curious case of Rovi, amnesia and telepathic stooging
  • Eddie Dawes with the latest round up of Collecting News
  • Peter Duffie counts to six
  • All the news from the other Magical Journals
  • Werner Miller is right there
  • Henrique is., well.. er.. Henrique
  • Ali Cardabra circles the square
  • Letters column. Your chance to have your say
  • Derren Brown is reviewed by Walt
  • Ananta Banerjee with some Christmas rope magic
  • Peter Kane with a clever gimmick to get his leg up!
  • John Rhodes with this month's news and interesting info from the lay press
  • Ian Keable is all at sea, but it wasn't altogether his fault.. honest Guv'

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