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Club 71: 2002

by Geoff Maltby

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Club 71: 2002 by Geoff Maltby
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Issue 128
  • News from Geoff
  • Jim Breedon prints money, but it's ok it's perfectly legal!
  • Barrie Richardson's Elegant Princess, a variation on an old theme
  • Peter Kane holds out with his Foldout. A new gimmick with many applications
  • Ian Adair slates his many pets
  • Alan Ward with a dangerous stunt
  • Gorra Datta baffles with his bangles
  • Letters page.
  • Al Smith bites back. Forthright musing through the back window
  • Paul Daniels and Debbie in USA
  • Eddie Dawes collecting cinematography
  • Peter Duffie Mixes Magically
  • JJ Resists a sale to the toffs and retains his integrity and gains their respect
  • Henrique sings for his luncheon
  • Ali Cardabra undyes a silk
  • Arun Bonerjee with mental card work from India
  • Ian Keable describes a perfect gig - and one not so perfect
  • John Rhodes travels far and wide for magical news in the layman's press
  • Werner Miller mixes Fetsch and Hofzinser

Issue 129
  • News and views with Geoff
  • Barrie Richardson and Helicopter Coins
  • Jim Breedon checks his notes and changes a pickpocket into a cutpurse
  • Peter Kane with the magic of the movies
  • Letters, readers' updates and comments
  • The London Magic Circle Awards
  • Billy McComb with his own special Invisible deck routine and presentation
  • Malcolm Yaffe considers misinformation
  • Werner Miller asks the cards with a variation on a Phil Goldstein theme
  • Peter Duffie with a Halloween location you can use at any time of the year
  • Henrique is engagingly exaggerating
  • News of the competition with prizes
  • Somya Deb has a reversed card prediction that uses an old deck you might have at the back of a cupboard
  • Al Smith Issues forth a subtle stream of consciousness
  • Eddie Dawes spotlights the journals
  • Ali Cardabra is Beadazzled with New for Old
  • Ian Adair with a new presentation for Duplo Ropes
  • Alan Ward eats out on the town, on the cheap with a duplicitous waiter

Issue 130
  • News and gossip from Geoff
  • Ian Adair with Patriotic colours for the kids
  • JJ's troupe is entertaining Her Majesty's loyal troops
  • Arun Bonerjee with a version of the trick that fooled Einstein
  • Henrique - Prestidigitateur and Globe Trotter Extraordinarius
  • Peter Duffie asks if it is fact or fiction
  • Al Smith on things literally literary
  • Alan Ward is full of eastern promise!
  • Competition results. Are you a winner?
  • Barrie Richardson with a Peek in the Box
  • Eddie Dawes Collects his thoughts about magic and art, about cunning and conning
  • Soumya Deb with a new and different method three card trick with Jacks and a Joker
  • Walt considers the elderly
  • Werner Miller proves easily that magic is easy
  • Letters page. Olive Fletcher sets the Scotts record straight
  • Jim Breedon with even more Eastern Promise - A Chinese Odyssey
  • Malcolm Yaffe describes Nightmare Variations
  • Peter Kane offers a fabulous, VISIBLE card to wallet
  • John Rhodes with magic in the lay press
  • Ali Cardabra goes silk fishing

Issue 131
  • News and Reviews with Geoff
  • Ian Adair shares his Wee Willie Winkie
  • Peter Duffie is Impossible again with a deck of cards
  • Numeralt Another odd titled but clever effect from Phil Goldstein
  • Unclassified ads. Buy sell or exchange at no cost
  • Society News and gossip. What's happening at your club this month
  • Peter Kane with a stunning Wallet effect that you will definately want to use
  • Ali Cardabra dismantles his die
  • Barrie Richardson is mismatched with some jumbos
  • Alan Ward challenges you to find the fakes
  • Werner Miller has a mathematical split personality
  • IBM. British ring news
  • Henrique and adventures at the local Chinese. Will they take him away?
  • Jim Breedon with Auto-matic close-up magic
  • Letters. Big post this month. Have your say and give your opinion
  • John Rhodes with the magic in the lay press. There is a lot more than you would think
  • Al Smith with a touch of the Harry Potters
  • Magical event diary. What's happening near you?
  • Eddie Dawes reviews the magic in the other magical press and Journals

Issue 132
  • News and reviews from Geoff
  • Ian Adair and a floral extravaganza
  • Arun Bonerjee with a mini word processor especially for the mentalists
  • Peter Kane, with more words and the appearance of great skill and mental agility
  • Alan Ward decides to force the ladies
  • Jim Breedon with thanks to Louis Histed and Jean Hugard
  • Malcolm Yaffe and the subjects of rip offs and plagiarism
  • Henrique with a tale of tears and toasting
  • Eddie Dawes collects his thoughts about the Magic Circle
  • Confet-Tea from the land of the PG Tips
  • Peter Duffle with his mental pack
  • Unclassified ads. Buy sell or swop, all for free
  • Werner Miller pays tribute to Aberystwyth
  • This year's competition, your chance for fame and fortune
  • JJ is in Hippy Happy mode and a discovers a magical fruitcase
  • Pseudo Sackometry with thanks to Barrie Richardson, Fogel and Ken Brooke
  • Somya Deb raises the dead
  • Magical Event Diary
  • Magic reviewed on the box and in London's West End
  • Ali Cardabra with a new Traffic Light
  • John Rhodes with magic in the lay press

Issue 133
  • News and Reviews with Geoff Maltby
  • Ian Adair is without doubt this month's real Clown Prints
  • Ali Cardabra is also a Joker and proves it with the Jester's Beads
  • Peter Kane rings in with a sore head
  • Competition details - is this your chance to win fame and fortune7
  • Harry Potter's Sandwich of Chalk is dissected by Walt Lees
  • Unclassified Ads, buy, exchange, sell or advertise
  • T.V.Magic in the U.K. Blaine, Geller, Sadowitz, all get a look in
  • Malcolm Yaffe on the thorny subject of fees
  • Barrie Richardson says Make a date in your diary for Barrie's Briilliant Birthday Bash
  • Magical Society event calendar
  • Your card is in your mind says Arun Bonerjee
  • Eddie Dawes with the Magical Journal roundup
  • Phil Goldstein shares a Pluck
  • James Breedon looks at old props and watches a hunter
  • Donald Bostock is speechless in part one of a two part effect
  • Letters page. You chance to have your say
  • John Rhodes rounds up with the lay press's views of the magical news around the country

Issue 134
  • News From Geoff Maltby
  • JJ at a posh do again and again and again
  • An early Christmas card arrives from Nick Morton
  • Henrique describes some of his less than perfect audiences
  • Part Two and Donald Bostock is still speechless
  • Walt reviews some of the recent T.V. magical offerings
  • Ron Escott finds time for Barrie Richardson
  • Soumya Deb with a goblet of gelt
  • Peter Duffie is perfectly innocently confused
  • Eddie Dawes collects his thoughts in the United States of America
  • Peter Kane is on a roll at the bank this month
  • Phil Goldstein deals in primates
  • Magic events diary for this month
  • Ian Adair goes around and around just for the kiddie-winks
  • Jim Breedon's Magic Pen scribes on the subject of close-uppery
  • Malcolm Yaffe continues his series and is excused repeatedly
  • Alan Ward offers Virtual Unreality and not a computer in sight - although a pin and a straw will suffice
  • Werner Miller is on the turn
  • John Rhodes rounds up with all the magic in the non magical press throughout the UK

Issue 135
  • News around the world of Magic with Geoff Maltby
  • Arun Bonerjee provides some More Intuition
  • Barrie Richardson exposes his Twin Peeks
  • Werner Miller discovers Tricolore
  • Alan Ward with ingenious Visual Word Play
  • Ian Adair has a Tassel Hassel
  • Ali Cardabra is Tied-ee with his Silk Production
  • Letters to the Editor. Your turn to have your say
  • Peter Duffle performs Ritual Abuse
  • Phil Goldstein reveals his Cupidity
  • Magical diary. What's happening when and where
  • Peter Kane is definately underarm with an underhand hold-out
  • Steve Jones Cycles in a Klondyke fashion
  • JJ eschews his bike for a waggon
  • Prize Competition for readers
  • Eddie Dawes surveys the recent magical press
  • Henrique as contentious as ever
  • Malcolm Yaffe and his Partners
  • Dr. Michael Factor authoritatively sets the record straight once and for all about the misconceptions about the Law and magic regarding 'copyright', 'patents', 'manufacturing rights' and more
  • Jim Breedon with a new technology Rising Cards
  • Soumya Deb produces a Dove to fool the 'knowing ones'
  • John Rhodes finds a wealth of magic in the lay press

Issue 136
  • Geoff's News and Reviews
  • Ian Adair presents Nosey the Clown
  • Jim Breedon's magic pen proffers Roy Baker's Sky Diver Mach 2
  • Professor Edwin Dawes considers the collectibles available at auction
  • Arun Bonerjee gambles with a dream - and comes up trumps!
  • Peter Duffie is well and truly Blackjacked
  • Mike Hopley is lazy with his new Birthday Book
  • JJ with more tales from the wagon and a drugs bust that was magically instigated and also defeated
  • Alan Ward gets Professor Dodgeson's little girl, with a little help from Martin Gardner
  • Malcolm Yaffe attempts to secure his booking from the confused and prevaricators
  • Henrique does a free school show - and regrets it
  • Ananta Deb Bonerjee rings around India
  • Walt Lees includes his tips and wonders why we sometimes do it gratuitously
  • Werner Miller is smashing Club Speller
  • Steve Jones with just a few bits more
  • Peter Kane prepares for the plunge
  • John Rhodes rounds up the news from the lay press
  • Betty Gossip with all the society news and events for October and November

Issue 137
  • News and Reviews with Geoff
  • Ian Adair and Gypsey"s Glass, a transparent version of Gypsy Gold
  • Alex Kocan Interviews Paul Daniels with some revealing insights
  • Dr Michael Factor presents a very strong case for respecting copyright
  • Solyl Kundu says it is him!
  • Henrique drips away!
  • Ubiquitous on the Telly by Walt Lees
  • Alan Ward has fun on the Radio
  • Malcolm Yaffe has no fun at the restaurant
  • Peter Kane proffers the Zarrow shift - a version of the Zarrow shuffle
  • They are still not telling
  • Peter Duffie with the Black Sheep of his family
  • Brickbat or bouquets. Have your say and get it off your chest on our letters page
  • Steve Jones is unfazed and un-peirced, even though it looks as though he cannot spell
  • Eddie Dawes reviews the rest of the magical press. Check out what you missed
  • Jim Breedon's magic pen writes Merlin's verion of Koran's Gold Medallion
  • Arun Bonerjee is two timing
  • Ananata Banerjee thanks you with his card
  • John Rhodes with all the magical news that is fit to print in the lay press

Issue 138
  • Geoff's News and Views
  • Ian Adair as Bubble Trouble
  • Ananta Deb Banerjee predicts with his Locket
  • Barrie Richardson has a game with intuition
  • Henrique is troubled - so nothing changed there then.
  • Jim Breedon's magic Pen is Flaming Marvellous
  • Letters Page Your chance to put in your two pennyworth
  • Michael Hopley has Jane on the Game!
  • Steve Zudeck is forceful in prose, courtesy of an umpteen gigahertz computer
  • Alan wards asks if U R Numerate?
  • Peter Duffie proves that Kane is Able
  • Soumya Deb with an ingenious dove production
  • Eddie Dawes collects his thoughts - the subject bibliography
  • Werner Miller watches the Joker
  • Peter Kane counts on his aces and his bottom reverses
  • Malcolm Yaffe finds the almost perfect floating card
  • Phil Goldstein signs on the dotted line
  • Dr. Michael Factor and his Patent Medicine
  • Magic Club and forthcoming magical event diary
  • Competition
  • John Rhodes with magic in the lay press

word count: 288348 which is equivalent to 1153 standard pages of text

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