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Confusing Crayons: One Person Routine
by Brian T. Lees

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Confusing Crayons: One Person Routine by Brian T. Lees

The Confusing Crayons is a well known classic. Two crayons and two cylinders are introduced. A volunteer gets one cylinder and selects a crayon. The magician takes the other cylinder and crayon. Instructing the volunteer to follow along the cylinders are turned over, back again and then over. The magicians crayon is right side up and the volunteers pointing down. This is a class that, up to this point, requires the use of a volunteer.

Confusing Crayons, 1 Person Routine is done without the need for a volunteer. Communication takes place with the magician's audience interaction. The audience sees only the red crayon that magically moves from one cylinder to the other. But when done one last time a yellow crayon appears and the red one is gone. The wand is used to change it back to the red color. Then the crayon is moved back to the first cylinder.

The routine can be done with narration, or choreographed to comedy flavored music. It plays well for audiences of all ages. The text is written with illustrations and a complete routine is included. Transitioning to your next magic is easy when you refer to a specific color or cluster of colors to set up your next trick.

  • Audience view
  • Set up
  • Manipulation
  • Routine, step by step
  • Wrapping it up

1st edition 2018, 15 pages.
word count: 4310 which is equivalent to 17 standard pages of text