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by Renzo Grosso

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Connected by Renzo Grosso

A very effective parlor or stage effect. Cards or tickets can be used, or ESP cards or even tickets were drawn on the spot by the spectator on which to carry out an effective act of reading in the final revealing phase.

The spectator receives 4 cards, and shuffles them several times, at his discretion, while the mentalist has his back turned: at the end, he will be able to describe the correct position of all the cards.

To simplify the final phase for the performer, we propose the use of an ingenious "homemade" gimmick, which allows you to operate calmly, without fear of forgetfulness or distraction.

This effect is my personal new interpretation of Card Mystery by Boyet Vargas; I had at the time created a "telephone version", which I then modified several times; I proposed it in a close-up version and then I modified it again because, in my opinion, it could become a powerful stage instrument, and so it was. I created an interesting gimmick (that can be easily made yourself) and it turned out to be a real success.

1st edition 2023, PDF 17 pages.
word count: 3065 which is equivalent to 12 standard pages of text