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by Daniel Madison

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Deceptions by Daniel Madison

Deceptions by Daniel Madison contains his personal favourite offerings to the world of sleight-of-hand and deception, from his infamous work on pocket and table indexes (Advocate and Tyrant) to deck-switching devices and techniques and routined demonstrations designed to boost your perceived level of skill in close-up deceptions with a deck of playing cards.

The ultimate, full-deck, single-pocket, playing-card-index that allows you to be secretly within possesion of ANY needed playing card within a moments notice...

Construction. Mechanics. Locating Cards. Retreiving Cards. Wedge. ACAAN One. ACAAN Two. Invisible. Brainwave. Card to Mouth. Envelope. Snatch. Unboxed. The Perfect Deal. The Invisible Card.

The ultimate Deck-Switching Device for in-the-hands or at the table...

Construction. Mechanics. Execution. Switch One. Switch Two. Switch Three. Switch ITH One. Switch ITH Two. Tabled Switch.

A study on eight different Deck-Switching Methods...

Patch. Slaine. Veil. Grit. Slide. OTT. Heat. Edge.

The Blindfolded Poker Deal (from a borrowed and shuffled deck.) As performed on TV for Penn and Teller.

A collection of routined demonstrations of sleight-of-hand and skill with a deck of playing cards...

The Poker Lesson. Perfect Aces. The Middle Deal: The Kennedy Tribute. The Centre Deal: The Vernon Tribute. Bad Aces. The Numbers. Click Palm. Centre Cop. Spread Flick. Blackout Shift. Blackout Shift Two. FSWE Shift. The Greek Shift. Rotation Palm. Back Deal. Holdout Deal.

The full-deck playing-card-index that allows you to be secretly within possession of ANY needed playing card within a moments notice at the card table...

Introduction. Story. The Device. Use. Technique. The Tyrant. Goodbye.

1st edition 2014, 109 pages; 2nd edition 2016 140 pages.
word count: 29245 which is equivalent to 116 standard pages of text

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