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Deck Direct

by Peter Duffie
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Deck Direct by Peter Duffie

Fifteen more of Peter Duffie's card creations. He comes back with more and more and even more great material. Where does he take all his ideas from? Two tricks can be done over the phone. As Peter writes 'knock your friends sensless' with them.

1st edition, 2000.

CENTRIFUGAL DIARY: The classic diary prediction as popularised by Ted Danson. However, hopefully, the method will be new to the readers.

THE CHOSEN Few: A card randomly created by a spectator matches a card selected by another spectator. However, you do not touch the deck throughout the trick!

Alien Encounter: From a blue backed deck a card is chosen then returned to the middle. Introducing a red backed deck you remove the Ace of Spades - your magic card. You push this card into the blue deck in an attempt to locate the selection. In the end this red backed Ace becomes the selection!

JOINT eFFORT: A chosen card is discovered using two secret numbers - both of these numbers are determined by the audience.

FREE Will: From a packet of eight cards, a spectator freely selects any four. These four cards turn out to be random ones. The four he left you with are the four Aces!

EYE Predict: A spectator freely cuts a deck then deals off nine cards. From these he then selects three and adds together their values. You have predicted this total.

A Novel CARD Trick: A spectator picks a card from your deck - perhaps the King of Hearts - which is lost back into the deck. Three cards are now picked at random and laid on the table, e.g., 2 - 7 - 2. The spectator opens a book (novel) at page 272 to discover his card therein!

PHONE ZONE 1: You phone a friend and tell him to get a deck of cards. You now knock him senseless by performing a card discovery over the phone.

PHONE ZONE 2: You phone a friend - same friend as before? - and tell him to get a deck of cards. You now knock him senseless once again by performing a card discovery over the phone. Multiplex Perplexed: In this effect, four selected cards are found instantly by the two black Jacks.

THE FARANORMAL: A magical effect using two Kings and a quantity of cards.

BILOCATION: You remove your lucky card from the deck and use it to locate two selected cards.

A SHARP MIND: A spectator selects a card which is then lost back into the deck. A second spectator takes the deck and cuts to a card - notes it - then loses it back into the deck. You now produce an invisible Ace of Spades - the Bullet - which you throw into the deck and it locates both selections!

THE SpecklED HUMBUG: The following was inspired by Ken Speckle's "Blupho the Dare" that appeared in Abacus Vol.6 No.6. The effect here is a different one - more akin to Roy Walton's "Magical Eliminator." This item (mine, not Roy’s) also appeared in Abacus.

WHYSOLATION: In this effect, a coincidence occurs and then a kicker is introduced to finish.
word count: 6370 which is equivalent to 25 standard pages of text

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