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Dream Poker with a Kicker
by Herb Rungay & Ken de Courcy


(1 customer rating) ★★★★

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Dream Poker with a Kicker by Herb Rungay & Ken de Courcy

This is a multi-stage multi-climax routine with a deck of cards. If you already know George Blake's Dream Poker, you will love this one.

There is a lot of magic here - very easy to do (it is almost automatic…). You repeatedly find a chosen card with seemingly impossible conditions, by logic, by spelling it out and by chance. Then you deal to the spectator a Royal Flush in Spades in a freely chosen position on the table. And finally the spectator finds his chosen card in the deck that he had shuffled, by spelling it himself!

From the foreword:

Frank Lane, in his book, "Help Yourself", published in 1931, wrote: "Numerous card tricks are fooling magicians because the performer is ahead of them with his brain all the time. Keep one step ahead of them and you will fool them".

In "Dream Poker With A Kicker", this is what we endeavor to do. George Blake published "Dream Poker" in "The Magigram" ... It rapidly became a favorite of mine and repeated performance before magicians and laymen caused it to grow until it is now, for me, something very special. In the effect as it now is, you will throw the spectators off with all the dealing, counting and mixing. It reaches the stage where no one would ever believe you could have any knowledge of the position of any card in the pack.

Better still, it works almost automatically which means most of your concentration can be on presentation and patter.

1st edition 1982; 1st digital edition 2013, 13 pages, illustrated.
word count: 2726 which is equivalent to 10 standard pages of text