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George Blake

George Blake

(5th November 1893 - August 1979)

Born and lived in England. Stage name of George William Blakemore. Semi-pro. Edited The Budget and Entre Nous 1941 - 42 (15 issues). Invented Uncanny Hanks (1952). Wrote several booklets.

Coauthors: Richard Himber, Ken de Courcy

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Richard Himber & Ken de Courcy & George Blake

Linking Finger Ring by Richard Himber & Ken de Courcy & George BlakeRoutines with the Himber type linking finger ring.
  • The Original Himber Routine
  • Richard Himber's StaggeRing
  • The K de C Triple Link (Ken de Courcy)
  • About Rings and Things (George Blake)
  • Ring, Pin and Cord
  • Chinese Coins and Rings
  • A Ring and a Loop o'String
  • Sefalaljia-By Hand
  • BewildeRing

1st digital edition 2018, 19 pages.

2018 / 1 / 30

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George Blake


Are you afraid of being caught when using a stacked deck of cards? Then you must know George Blake's system! No more fear of spreading the deck face up, if you know it.

From the introduction:

"You know seven-eighths of it, if you use or know of either of these set-ups. Learn the other Eighth and be able to fearlessly spread a set-up DECK FACE UP!

I first conceived this idea way back in 1933, when I passed the secret on to a corresponding friend in Sheffield and he wrote back almost in ecstasy about it. As I had...

2014 / 10 / 13

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George Blake

Dream Poker by George BlakeThis is a great routine using just a regular deck of cards - totally impromptu and no sleight-of-hand; in three entertaining phases. You have in your possession a great routine by the late George Blake (written originally in Magigram magazine). George is also giving you here the patter that he used. Just perform the routine as written and the whole thing works itself. The effect needs no set-up and can be done with a borrowed deck of cards.

1st edition 2007; 14 pages.

2010 / 4 / 17

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George Blake

George Blake: The Conjuring Ventriloquist by George BlakeListen to the fascinating life story of George Blake and use the effects and subtleties that he offers. You will find a range of usable material and routines; each of which has been used and featured by George and others. A happy mixture of magical memories and practical material. Recorded in 1979, short before Blake died.

This is a licensed reproduction of the famous Magicassette and MagiCD series created by Martin Breese - now owned by

2008 / 9 / 18

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