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ESP Card Magic Vol. 4: Howard Adams Part 2

by Aldo Colombini
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ESP Card Magic Vol. 4: Howard Adams Part 2 by Aldo Colombini

This is the fourth in a series of download DVDs dedicated to tricks and routines using ESP cards. This volume 4 features routines by Howard Adams.


  • PAKATRIA: A spectator picks a card and places it into an envelope. He then shuffles the cards and removes seven cards. You place the envelope on one card. It matches the selection.
  • RECYCLER: You remove five cards from the deck. A spectator chooses the order of another set of five symbols. You have predicted the actions of the spectator.
  • NAPKAN: Two spectators remove two symbols at random. They then cover one packet with a napkin and from it, sight unseen, you remove the two matching symbols.
  • QUARTEST: Four prediction cards match four cards freely selected by two spectators. In addition, there is a mindreading test conducted for a third person.
  • SYMBOLIKE: This is a series of two face-up and face-down mysteries in which a spectator does all the work, but some unknown power must have been at work to guide him to the unique conclusion.
  • MULTI ESP 21: You discover three mentally chosen symbols in a very dramatic way.
  • PAIRSEE: Two spectators assist you in this experiment and each select an identical set of two cards.
  • QUICHE ESP: A spectator matches two symbols under what it seems are impossible conditions.
  • COUNTHINK: You predict two symbols that a spectator freely stops at while you are dealing the cards.
  • CIDENTAQUIN PLUS THREE: A spectator picks a sign. You deal the cards into two packets. While dealing them, only two pairs match (say the four Squares), the selected symbol is the other Square. The spectator himself riffle shuffles the remaining cards and he deals them in five piles. Each packet contains a complete set of five different symbols.
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