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Evidence of Deception
by William W. Larsen

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Evidence of Deception by William W. Larsen

Here's an entertaining, 40-60 minute lecture that you, the magical performer, can present on the topic of paying attention to avoid getting taken in by scams, cons and crooked politicians. And it's a money-maker, too.

Entertain your talk with magic: Your audience will not only be informed, but entertained with magic effects that you likely already have, or modestly priced items easily obtained from most any dealer. This newly revised edition also includes three effects recommended by Larsen, that you would previously have had to buy separately.

This lecture is in demand: Not a magic show in the strict sense, this is an informative lecture, which is how you present it to potential clients. This talk is just the ticket for corporate shows, keynote speeches, civic groups, women's groups, men's lodges, public libraries, "brown bag" lunches ... anywhere adults gather.

During election years, this lecture is even more important, as it hammers home the idea that audiences need to do more than simply see, they need to comprehend what they are seeing.

Larsen originally presented this lecture to bar associations, law and judicial groups, political organizations, etc. He soon discovered that the appeal of his talk was general in nature, making it well-received by any adult group. After performing it more than 200 times, he agreed to print his lecture, including patter and choice of effects, and offer it to the magic fraternity at large. Everything needed should fit into an average briefcase.

This revised edition provides complete directions and patter for Tom Bowyer's Repeat Bill Trick. Also includes directions for constructing Eddie Clever's Hallucination effect, as well as patter and assembly instructions for the Chicago Magic Co. Improved Afghan Bands trick.

Partial contents

  • Foreword by B. W. McCarron
  • Introduction
  • Requirements
  • Opening Remarks
  • Follow the Ball
  • Watch This
  • Observation Test
  • Auto Recall
  • Red Tape
  • Funny Money
  • Assumptions
  • Einstein's Theory
  • Guilty or Innocent?
  • Handwriting Proves Identity
  • Repeat Bill Trick
  • Hallucination
  • Improved Afghan Bands
"Several have told us that the patter for the repeat bill trick is worth more than the price of the manuscript." - Thayer Magic Studio

1st edition 1946, PDF 46 pages.
word count: 12577 which is equivalent to 50 standard pages of text