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Expert Card Conjuring
by Alton C. Sharpe


(7 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Expert Card Conjuring by Alton C. Sharpe

From the introduction by Robert Parrish:

This book contains a remarkably select collection of sophisticated means for increasing and deepening the potential for "pleasant illusion" that resides in a pack of cards. These contributions range from presentation ideas such as Fred Lowe's "Second Deal Sam" to the technical refinement of standard effects, as, for example, in Ed Marlo’s "Approach to the ‘Stop’ Trick."

  • Introduction
  • Foreword
  • Part One: New And Improved Sleights
    • Cover-Up Shuffle
    • Perfect False Riffle Shuffle
    • Quadruple Undercut
    • Reverse Double Undercut
    • The Marlo Slip Cuts
    • Slip Cut Routine
    • The True False Cut
    • The "T.F.C." As A Reverse
    • Further Handling For The Addition Or Secret Card Add
    • Two Card Monte
    • Double Lift Substitutes
    • Simple Tabled Reverse
    • The Simple Triumph
    • Cover-Up Triumph
    • Palm Switch
    • Emergency Transfer
    • Marlo On The D'amico Change
  • Part Two: New And Different Magical Effects
    • Hidden Count-Down
    • The Dunbury Delusion Improved
    • Miko Revisited
    • The Fifty-Fifty Mental Selection
    • Quadruple Sympathy
    • A Lesson In Bridge
    • Second Deal Sam
    • Expert Poker Demonstration
    • Open Challenge
    • Guyatt's Drunken Cut Improved
    • Undercover Surprise
    • Supreme Ultra Mental
    • Effects By Aste
    • First Finger Fountain
    • Singler
    • The Magic Split
    • Surprise Reverse
    • Sandwich Surprise
    • Merely A Coincidence
    • Double Prediction Chest
    • Your Card Sir!
    • A Futile Lesson In Open Spelling
    • Open Force
    • Face Up Aces
    • Vice-Versa
  • Part Three: An Array Of Choice And Select Card Miracles
    • Two Card Passe Passe
    • Marlo's Pellet Index
    • Speller Presentation
    • Unexpected Prediction
    • Prognostication Pack Improved
    • Marlo's Princess Trick
    • Position Prediction
    • Repeat Reverse Routine
    • The Called For Vanish - And Method And Ideas For Card To Wallet
    • Five Card Mental Or "I Have It"
    • Direct Aces
    • Card Vanish Supreme
    • Stik-Tack Trilogy
    • Another Dribble
    • Marlo's Wild Card
    • Quick 3-Way Version
    • Wild Selections
    • The Wild Purist
    • An Approach To The "Stop" Trick
    • A Logical Procedure
    • Transmutation
    • Borrowed Transmutation

1st edition 1976; 1st digital edition 2016, 140 pages.
word count: 62013 which is equivalent to 248 standard pages of text